Baby and Sasha Updates

Sasha is doing well! She got her cone off and the toe is finally looking healed or nearly so. We had a small scare because we had to get the bandage off early, her toe was staying too moist which was concerning obviously if it had continued so. So the first time we saw the toe it was not has healed as I would’ve liked it to be and looked very raw. Sasha did not like her cone either. It took her a day or so to get used to lying down in it and not running into things as much. Brian bought car door protector things which we put on the raw plastic on the outside of the cone as a bumper because she was scratching things up!

It was very nice visiting with Tyler, he stayed an extra day so I took that day off and we watched movies. I had a lot of fun, it was nice to take a day off for once. I don’t have a lot of spare days now at this point, I am trying to save them for maternity leave. I can use 5 PTO days on maternity leave, which I intend on trying to do so that is one less week I have to take unpaid.

Tuesday we had our ultrasound, which would’ve been the gender one had we decided to find out. But we didn’t! The technician even made us look away when she examined the legs, so we never got a hint. It’ll be a big suprise! It may have been our last ultrasound, I don’t know if they’ll do another one. Everything is good with Peapod, it has a four chamber heart that is functioning properly, and kidneys and bladder that look good. 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 hands and 2 feet! I have a really cute picture of a foot. We got to see the spine and other bones, and the head of course. I have a creeper photo of the face looking at us, but it looks like an alien. I told Brian it looked like him hahahaha. We had the ultrasound at 18 weeks and 5 days, and I measured exactly 18 weeks and 5 days, so the due date will remain at Dec. 23, which is mildly disappointing for my anti-Christmas complaints.

Brian likes the fact that I have a little belly now and he rubs it, but no kicking yet! There have been a couple times where I thought maybe I felt something, but it did not repeat often enough for me to be confident that that was it. The doctors said by next appointment I should be feeling it, but even then it won’t be all the time because it’s still really small. I am almost to the halfway point though, which is bizarre! Really just bizarre all the way around that by December we will have a little family.

We toured the two options we had for hospitals last week. The practice said I can go with either Akron General or Akron City; both take the same amount of time to get to (about 40-45 minutes). We chose Akron City because they had bathrooms in every post partum room. Akron General had different post partum rooms (we only saw one of them, but the ladies description said that some had bathrooms in the hall!). Otherwise the hospitals were about the same. Akron General is supposed to be getting new rooms soon, but can’t guarantee when or even if I would get a new room when I deliver, so Akron City it is! I think the buildings are around the same age, but City looks newer also.

The way it works is that I will go into a labor/delivery/recovery room and then to a post partum room after I’ve recovered initially from the birth. As far as care goes, they seem to offer the same level of care. Akron General is directly connected to Akron Children’s for any serious issues, but Akron City takes care of everything except a couple long term care type of things, and then they send them to Akron Children’s too. So that’s not an issue either.

I, like usual, am impatient to be planning and doing things. I am trying not to buy much. I bought my bedding set, because it was not something I could register for, but I keep second guessing myself cause bedding is so expensive. Brian’s mom is looking at planning a baby shower in October, I am shooting for later October so my mom and Holly can spend  more time here. Holly runs until later in October. That’s all for now… cheerio.

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Baby Updates etc

Today, the baby must be growing exponentially. I have been crampy for most of the day. Yesterday, I went to my 16 week doctor’s appointment. They’ve been once a month – I had one at 8 weeks (Ultrasound), 12 weeks (heartbeat) and yesterday I only got to hear the heartbeat again. It’s been the most uneventful appointment so far. But Brian got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, and he was grinning, so it wasn’t a complete waste!

Next one is at 19 weeks on July 27, and is an ultrasound. This is also the appointment where, if we want to, we can find out the gender. We are officially leaning toward not finding out. Mainly Brian has been talking to people who are recommending we leave it a surprise. It’s really okay though, I think it would be helpful in keeping me from buying too many clothing items ahead of time. Newborns live in onesies and pajamas and stuff like that anyway.

Tyler is coming to visit this weekend which will be really nice. He hasn’t see the house yet and I’m sure Sasha will be excited to see him (well she gets excited for everyone). Brian and I spent last weekend nice and leisurely, since we had to keep Sasha calmer. We had to get her toe amputated on Friday. She had ripped a toenail out a few weeks ago when my parents came to visit and it never grew back or healed over properly. So when we went in for a check up on Tuesday, they told us the toe needed to come off so it could heal. The toe is on her back leg, like a pinky toe. At least it is not a weight-bearing toe, and she has already recovered quite a bit since Friday! She scratched at her ear last night with her bandaged foot like she didn’t even notice, it was funny. The foot will stay bandaged for another 5 days or so, unless it’s looking really good and then they’ll take it off early. We get it changed every 3 days or so.

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So after weeks of waiting for my parents to come up and see the house, we are finally able to share the good news! Brian and I are having a baby. We are at nearly 14 weeks and are due Dec. 23, 2010. Hopefully it won’t be a Christmas baby… haha. My mom is excited since it is due the day after her birthday. Wouldn’t it be neat if Peapod was born on the same day?

We aren’t sure yet if we’re going to find out the gender yet. Brian and I keep switching – first I didn’t want to find out, and he did, then it was the other way around! We’ll see, we have a couple months yet to figure out what we want to do. That ultrasound is week 20. We already had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. I think there’s a lot of cute clothes out there though that are gender specific…

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