New Chinchilla Discoveries

Sir Chewy is doing well and the cage we built him has held up very nicely. I have not needed to replace any of the wood or wire!

Since last year, I started purchasing my tradition feed from Chincessories (ForCHINate Chins, the Cleveland-based Chinchilla Rescue supply store) because I was having trouble with the form on the Ryerson’s site and I felt I wasn’t getting the kind of responsiveness or service I needed. It’s only slightly more expensive this way and I am also benefiting the rescue.

I purchased him a fleece tube from Fuzz Butt Chins; he still has a hammock but he doesn’t leave many “surprises” there anymore so I know he’s not using it as much. I see him in the tube all the time. Like most things, he did eventually start chewing the tubes. It’s a slow process though so in the past year I am only on my third fleece tube. As the second one started becoming more ragged, and I tried to order from Fuzz Butt Chins again but found them unresponsive. Knowing that the owner has an illness, I began looking around elsewhere without getting angry.

Because of this, I recently discovered some new online stores that are good to purchase chinchilla supplies. I also wanted to get a new fleece buddy for Sir Chewy. Since he has no other chinchilla to snuggle with and they are generally social creatures, I want to make sure that he has something soft that he can carry around. I was purchasing bears, but he had ripped a hole in his recent one fairly quickly so I was searching for some other options.

I found Tanya’s Chinchilla Supplies located in Canada. I would pay a bit more for shipping to the US, but I felt that it was worth it. The fleece buddy she made for Sir Chewy is a platypus! It is lighter than his old bears were so I have seen him carry it around more. The tube is solidly built and he took to it right away! Please excuse the poor quality of this picture, it was taken with my cell phone (every time I break out the big camera he seems to get camera shy!)

I also found a new place to purchase wood. They have all kinds of woods that Sir Chewy hasn’t been able to try before. For relatively cheap, I got a box full! It’s called Keep Your Chin Up Wood and they have an email list and will send out new deals (but a warning, the emails come quite a bit more often than I need wood). At various times they sell: Applewood, grapevine, ash Wood, pear, mulberry, Willow, pecan, and crabapple wood. Wood can be seasonal, so they’re not in stock all of the time.

Lastly, Sir Chewy is will also be enjoying a new unique toy I hadn’t seen before (my mother found them in a pet store nearer to her). As soon as I put it in, I can see him jumping straight on! He loves the lava toys! I have the Lava Swing which looks like it can be purchased online too if you’re like me and can’t find a pet store near you that carries one.

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