Second Trimester

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think the nausea is starting to go away. Slowly. Just when I think it is nearly gone, it resurfaces, so I will keep waiting and soon I think it will just be gone one day, and shortly after that I am sure I will forget it was ever that terrible.

On Tuesday, I am pretty sure I felt just one strong kick. Not flutters like I felt with Jameson, but I am pretty certain it was baby. We are at one day shy of 15 weeks today, and that is a little early than typical for first time moms but not unreasonable for a secondtimer.

Speaking of secondtimer, the belly is already there. I wore maternity pants for the first time today; I can still wear jeans and many of my regular work pants, but the shirt I work today showed what looked like a fat roll over the top of the work pants so… maternity pants it is. It’s more comfortable and looks more natural. As in, that is a baby in there, and not a fat roll. Not a fat roll.

I may be enjoying the fact that I don’t have gestational diabetes again, yet.


Occasionally sappy, but thankfully those hormones aren’t in full force yet. I frequently tear up when Brian and Jameson are playing together. I teared up as we took a walk (a real one, Jameson wasn’t in a stroller), and Jameson was saying “mommy house”, and I said “daddy’s house too?” and he said “yeah”. He says “yeah” all the time now, answering real questions and making real choices and so much imitating of mom and dad.

That aside, we haven’t talked too much of baby, and probably won’t until we know if it’s a little brother or sister. He does know he can’t really poke mommy’s belly button anymore, ha!


Knowing the baby stages this time around (and still very recently appreciating the joys of a learning and growing toddler), I have to be honest and say I’m not looking forward to months 2-6 of this new baby. Not that I don’t want a baby, but just because months 2-6 are just the worst, acclimating to a new baby that starts to be awake more and more (again), going back to work (again), breastfeeding and ugh the pumping (again), and this time acclimating to two children instead of just one.

I am looking forward to the new addition, but not all the stages that one must go through before getting to that happy, sitting up, learning, playing baby and toddler.

Except for month 1. I am looking forward to holding a sleepy newborn baby, and this time I know how fast that goes. You will have to pry that baby out of my fingers.

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Room Changes

A new baby means room changes in our household (among many other changes, I am sure!). Because we opted not to find out our first child’s gender, we conveniently have a nursery outfitted for either a boy or girl this time, already in nice yellows and greens.

Jameson’s new room is here:

It obviously needs a little help before it can become Jameson’s new room. This is the guest room, and it’s so girly because of inherited furniture. Even the curtains are girly, which were left by the previous owner. Other problems include the fact that it is storage for all my craft items. I am not looking forward to going through all of that…

Luckily, we recently found great new office furniture on clearance, and that change (which I will share later) means that we can move the girly bed with the trundle beneath can move to the office so we can maintain our guest bed.

Jameson is probably ready for a big boy bed any time. At daycare, he sleeps on a cot; at home, he is expert at getting off of our bed, which is very high. We are about ready to stop using the blanket sacks and move to regular blankets since he’s nearly grown out of them.

Aside, a really adorable video:


We are planning on getting his room all ready for him by his birthday/Christmas, and transitioning him the same time. That’ll give us about 3 months before baby arrives for him to get used to it.

Here’s the room plan; all of these items are already purchased except for his wall decals (I’m waiting for a sale!).

  1. Curtains : Eclipse Braxton Thermaback Window Panel – Navy Blue, $12.99 each from Target; we have the kids green ones in the nursery right now. They’re not perfect, but they are perfect for us in blocking out light
  2. Table Lamp : Stick Lamp with Chevron Shade (no bulb), approx $8.50 on clearance at Target stores, similar to this one online for $21.99 (colors are slightly different); I was pretty excited for this, it reminds me of tire tracks.
  3. Trash Can : Turquoise Plastic Waste Basket 13-qt., $2.99 from Target
  4. Shelf with Hooks : Three Hook Wall Ledge – Espresso, approx $17.50 on clearance at Target, same as this one for $34.99 online; we are planning on placing this at his height for his own nicknacks or rock collection and so he can hang up his own to-be-worn again clothes or pajamas
  5. Unfinished Nightstand : TARVA Nightstand, pine, $39.99 from IKEA; we are planning on painting this and the shelf with hooks a nice red color for finishing
  6. Red Paint : Not sure exactly what color yet, but I currently like Stop SW 6869 from Sherwin Williams
  7. Wall Decals : Car Wall Decal Mural, $80 from WeeDECOR; the tree and birds in the nursery are from WeeDECOR, and we are pleased with the quality nearly 2 years out so would like to stay with their products
  8. Navy Bed : Leo Twin Panel Bed with Footboard from Ashley Furniture, we purchased ours for approx $160 from a local dealer, our local Ashley store quoted about $175; after convincing Brian that a painted bed would be okay, I found that many are custom and expensive. The price was right on this one, and we are happy with other Ashley furniture purchases we have made.
  9. Bedding : Blue Trucks and Yellow Cars Microfiber Quilt Bedspread Set Twin Size by Home Fashion, $29.98 purchased from Amazon; after observing that quilts are expensive, I jumped on this when I saw it. I did want a Pottery Barn one over this, but it was out of stock and discontinued which end up saving us a lot of money!
  10. Artwork Line and Clips : DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel and DEKA Curtain wire incl. clips, nickel plated from IKEA; we already owned this from years ago and never used. Since we have a stainless steal fridge, I’m excited to use this to hang his artwork on his walls.

We are also removing the dresser from the nursery into Jameson’s new room, which is why I was so focused on the colored furniture. This dresser would be time consuming to refinish and is impossible to match woods as is. Instead, it will be a stand alone wood piece in the room, and the knobs on this dresser will be painted red!

We’ll have to find a new dresser for the nursery, preferably one that matches the honey colored crib which can transition to a twin bed for Jameson’s future sibling.

Our to do list for purchase is pretty short:

  • Mattress
  • Bed rails to prevent Jameson from falling out
  • New curtain rods for Jameson’s new room
  • Red paint
  • New dresser for nursery
  • Bookshelf for Jameson’s new room – possibly built in

Can you tell I might have been nesting a little? The mass Target run happened last night; I was gone for an hour and a half!

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Sprinkler Squeals

Last weekend, we went to the farmers market. I was fussy (me, not Jameson), so after the farmers market, I’m sure they were both happy enough to be rid of me when I went to my scheduled facial appointment. I had purchased a groupon a long time ago, went, and then had the opportunity to buy another certificate at the same price. Anyway, long story long, it was expired but they told me they would honor it when I went to my haircut last so I wanted to make sure I used it.

The facial was nice, and then I made dinner. (I. made. dinner.) I had two girlfriends over from work, and their kids. Lauren, with her twins girls, and Katie, with her two girls. I made spaghetti and meatballs, everyone was quiet and happy, and Brian was thrilled that he got to start brewing his October pumpkin beer early. I didn’t take any photos.

So Saturday started out cranky, but ended on a nice note. The weekend got better from there: Sunday, we even went to church. Not our church, but another, by the pastor who married us. Jameson enjoyed played with his friend Abigail again, which was better than our last traumatic church visits where he cried himself to sleep in the nursery. We went out for Mexican food after, where Jameson refused to try a quesadilla, so that we will certainly have to try again!

In the afternoon, in a good and motivated mood, I broke out the camera again finally, and I captured this face:

I look at it, and I can hear him squealing. Brian is spraying water at his feet from the hose.

We broke out a sprinkler again, which Jameson is still not as fond of, but he got closer to it!

Lily joined us, but she didn’t want to get too close to the sprinkler either. She kept asking us to put the balls in it for her so she could watch them fly out.

We filled up the neighbor’s pool then for them to splash in. Jameson loves to hold the hose. He can mostly be trusted to hold it over the pool when he doesn’t get distracted.

Yes, those are lawn chairs in the pool. The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed watching, and taking some photos. That face reminded me why I do it.

Here’s hoping we’re turning the first trimester corner into less exhaustion, less sickness, more fun. Last night I went to bed at 7:30, and while it was wonderful to get that much sleep, I’m ready to have my evenings back.

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Brian and I are pleased to share why I have been a major slacker the past couple months! Making a baby has occupied much of my time, what with all the sleeping and the nausea and the sleeping.

Our new addition is set to arrive March 15, 2013, and while Jameson is pretty oblivious to what is going on, he likes pictures of babies, so I think he’ll be a pretty good big brother!

Jameson was pretty insistent about holding the remote for the camera; when we tried again the next morning I hid it from him but he still seemed to know, giving me grumpy faces.

So far this pregnancy has been rougher than the last, which by old wives’ tales says it’s a girl. We’ll be happy with either, and I’ll just be happy not to feel ill most morning, evenings, and sometimes in between. We will probably find out this time (Jameson was a surprise), so that way we’ll get to experience both kinds of excitement, and Jameson will know whether he is having a little brother or sister.

We shared the news via the shirt to Brian’s parents first for his mom’s birthday. She didn’t want to assume, so it was Aunt Melissa that called us out on it nearly a half hour later!

We shared the news with my mom when she came up a couple days later for a visit (and to babysit while we went to a wedding!). She was pretty quick, since we had to make an obvious wardrobe change. We did FaceTime with my dad, sister and brother all separately. My dad was the slowest, not getting it until I held up the ultrasound picture which was pretty funny.

—– A Funny Story

At my standard bloodwork appointment, they found I was too dehydrated to draw the blood, so I had to go to a lab within the next couple days. Needless to say, that day I downed nearly 16 ounces of water before going! They were able to draw the blood, but told me I need a 1 hr glucose test and they were closing so I’d have to return again another day!

Needless to say, I was pretty unhappy about that but left and out in the parking lot, a little old couple asked if I was “Hilary”, which was really weird. I turned around, and they were holding the actual prescription paper my doctor wrote out, which must have come detached from the official form I had given the lab.

So I went back in to see if they needed it, to find that the paper said I only needed a randomized glucose test. The lab tech (at my request, which was again annoying) called my doctors’ and while on the phone, discovered that he had misread my form ALL ALONG. I didn’t need a 1 hr test yet, and the blood they had already drawn would suffice for the random test.

I was happy to leave the lab having completed all that was needed and not required to return, and also very thankful to a little old couple standing in the parking lot, picking up my prescription. A happy, random chance!

And, I will make sure I drink plenty of water before my following appointments this time!

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May Showers

This week has been pretty rainy; in fact, so far it seems as though April and May switched months. April flowers bring May showers? Yes indeed!

My friend from work, Lauren, had a baby shower last Saturday, and I was honored that she asked me to take some photos!

I think my next focus, after I get the hang of shooting in manual, should be white balance. I don’t white balance in camera, which requires a lot more effort post-process.

Homemade candy on each table, and little bags of cherry-yogurt covered pretzels for favors. The whole shower was elegant and girly.

Appropriate because, obviously, the shower was for for a girl. Take that back, TWO girls. Lauren is having twins!

She is just in to her third trimester with twins, can you believe how small she still looks? She’s blessed with being tall with a long torso. She also works out. Yep, not jealous at all. Not at all.

Yes, that is a chocolate fountain. It’s a good thing I was dedicated to photo taking, or I would’ve eaten a whole lot more.

Also, she decorated her own cupcakes. A perfectionist at heart!

This watermelon was done based on a Pinterest find by her mother!

We played word un-scramble, which I did poorly at (that is my sheet there, and obviously had already given up on figuring out any more of them).

And we played baby bingo while she opened gifts, at which I am AWESOME. But I didn’t win, so not really that awesome. I thought I had my strategy down… oh well.

Here is her lovely friend, helping the day of with the games and gift record.

I have never seen such loot at a baby shower! It was wonderful to see all the people out supporting her with two of every outfit and blanket and diapers.

I got her the diaper caddy she registered for (which I had to dig for, by the way, this is a JJ Cole item and it is discontinued at Babies R Us).

I filled the diaper caddy with essentials, some things registered for (like nail clippers and aquaphor) and some things not (like security blankets, gas drops, medicine, and tooth brushes).

We wrote notes on each little thing. Like “Jameson helped shake these up for you” on the saline drops for her. Not that they needed shaken. And “Dye-free = stain free” on the ibuprofen we purchased. And my favorite: “Why did you register for this? You need a nosefrida” on the little nose suction bulb.

Because really, as gross as they are, nosefridas work so much better.

While Lauren continued to open gifts, this little gem was hamming it up for my camera.

Can you see that tooth there? Jameson wouldn’t have been so happy with that!

While she opened, we also had the opportunity to decorate onesies and bibs for the babies.

If prizes were given out for the winner of the onesie decorating though, Lauren’s sister would’ve won hands down with her onesie drawn like a bathing suit, both front and back!

Congratulations Lauren, we can’t wait to meet them!

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A Tale of Two Babies, Part 2 of 2

Yesterday, I began the pregnancy story about myself and my friend and former co-worker, Danielle, in A Tale of Two Mothers. We ended with high risk pregnancy diagnoses, myself with gestational diabetes and Danielle with high blood pressure.


Interestingly, neither high blood pressure nor gestational diabetes actually caused our labors or otherwise complicated our pregnancy.


As we neared the end of our pregnancies, Danielle’s baby continued to measure larger than normal and ultrasound revealed him to be in a breach position. The combination led to a scheduled Cesarean. For herself, she was excited to have a date known (before Christmas! our due date was the 23rd which was obviously not the first choice).


Again, I struggled with feelings of jealousy (she’s going to have her baby before Christmas; and she gets 8 weeks instead of 6 short term disability pay) and the complicated feelings relating to my own labor. Our friend Megan had labored for hours before requiring a C-section; our neighbor had as well. And I felt that if C-sections were inevitable, I would love to have one scheduled for myself! However, it wasn’t meant to be.


As Danielle ended her time at work calmly, allowing herself time to wrap things up and have a couple days before baby’s arrival, I myself went into the doctor and had an ultrasound revealing low fluid levels. My level, they explained, was not dangerously low (yet), but definitely something to watch. Danielle told me that hers had always been high; in comparing numbers I was concerned. The doctor recommended I stay home for a day before another follow up appointment to see if it continued. We were two weeks away from our due date.


It’s at this time that my turning point occurred at my old company where I determined I no longer wanted to work there. When I requested to work from home for a day, I was given a “let me check” response and no feedback until the end of the day. At the end of the day that I had worked from home, I was told that I would need to take paid time off, that it wasn’t allowed. Aside from discussion over company policy, I was enraged that no one had bothered to get back to me until the end of the day.


You would think that my fluid levels would have continued to drop in this stress; Instead, they improved! Another follow up was scheduled for after the weekend. I wished Danielle good luck on her final work day. The next day, I arrived at the doctor’s and ultrasound revealed lower fluid levels than before, with very little around baby’s head. And we heard the words “Let’s get this baby out”.


Knowing what I know now, and without the rush of hormones and excitement about finally seeing my baby, I am not sure that I would’ve immediately gone with the doctor’s recommendation. Or maybe I would’ve. I guess there is no knowing. But I was only 1cm dilated, and the hormone they inserted overnight only had me progress by about 1 more before I was started on pitocin.


I don’t know anyone else who successfully gave birth vaginally, with no issues, with induction. But I did, after somewhat over 12 hours of induced contractions, doctor-induced water-breaking, an epidural and 1-1/2 hours of pushing. It was December 16, and Danielle had given birth via C-section earlier that day.


At a later appointment with the doctor, he impressed upon a co-worker that it was my first baby, I was induced and I didn’t require a C-section. There seemed like there was some surprise in his voice.


Danielle and I were both satisfied with our babies, our labors, and our recovery. Neither of us had any problems post-partum, beyond the usual adjustments a life change like that brings. We both delivered at exactly 39 weeks without complication, which we are both thankful for. I opted to breastfeed while Danielle opted for formula. Both our babies are happy, healthy, and growing really well with relatively few illnesses or other concerns (Jameson had a tongue-tie which we had clipped; Carson had a hernia which required surgery).


I for one am happy that we were able to experience our first pregnancies together, to share those gross details which I haven’t even shared here (you know the grossness, if you’ve given birth before).


It was almost like experiencing two pregnancies in one, and I’m able to reflect better on how lucky I feel like I was, and not get caught up in a lot of the arguments I see online about C-section versus natural versus super natural (you know, without epidural ;)) and also about formula versus breastfeeding. Happy healthy babies = happy healthy parents.

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A Tale of Two Mothers, Part 1 of 2

This is the story of me and my friend and former co-worker, Danielle. With her permission, I’m sharing our sometimes tumultuous pregnancy story. Due to length (and maybe for a little suspense), I’m splitting into two parts. The second, A Tale of Two Babies, will post tomorrow.


Danielle and I found out we were pregnant on the same day. We weren’t very typical in that we were sharing our personal efforts early – perhaps because another mutual friend and co-worker Megan had just had her own bouncing baby boy. The two of us shared our hopes for a future family over lunch hours and then during the day around our cubicles. In retrospect, we weren’t very quiet about it, which thankfully never caused us any problems. Brian and I tried for 3 months before success, Danielle and her husband were pregnant after just 1.


We arrived on that day with little smiles of success written all over our faces. We knew immediately that it was useless trying to keep it to ourselves. It wasn’t long before there were questions and advice requested of our friend Megan for details on her own pregnancy (of hers I hadn’t paid as much attention to while it was occurring! Unlike Danielle and myself, she was quieter about her pregnancy). We already guessed at that point that we had the same due date, but it wasn’t confirmed until I had my first doctors appointment at 8 weeks gestation. Danielle went in to see the doctor immediately for confirmation.


We shared stories and compared our baby sizes to fruit. I was relieved to be able to share my story of scary blood loss after the standard PAP smear they performed. I had sympathy and complete understanding, which was wonderful.


Then Danielle found out that she had placenta previa and for a little while there was a weird dynamic between us. We of course enjoyed each others’ moments: like hearing heart beats and looking at ultrasound pictures. Danielle chose to find out her baby’s gender, and when she came in the next day announcing it was a boy after months of believing completely that it was a girl, I didn’t jab at her.


But there were fits of jealousy on my part because suddenly Danielle’s higher risk pregnancy seemed to get more attention (it’s also important to note that I had switched departments, and already felt a bit of an outsider to Danielle, Megan and the rest of my former team); because she got to get more ultrasounds and appointments; and also because she knew her baby’s gender.


Additionally there was annoyance (oh my goodness, will she shut up), which I’m sure was probably mutual. We were both in the midst of important changes in our lives and wanted to be the centers of attention. Do I sound shallow? It’s okay if I do: the feelings that happen during pregnancy run the gamut of possible emotions, and I’m not afraid to admit to some of those baser ones.


Thankfully, Danielle’s placenta previa did resolve itself as another issue came up: elevated blood pressure. She was put on blood pressure medication and shortly thereafter began going to the doctor twice a week. Around this time, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which as unfortunate to my diet that it was, in an odd way made me feel better. Now we were on level ground again, as I was going once a week. We were both being given NSTs (non-stress tests) and shared stories about our babies who didn’t want to move around enough or had to be prodded into kicking around for a measure of their heart rate.


The problems that can occur related to high blood pressure and gestational diabetes made us both high risk pregnancies. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!


Danielle and I are both prepared to answer any questions you may have about our diagnoses or pregnancies. However, remember everyone is different, every pregnancy is different.

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Ready for Baby’s Arrival

The closer we get to having the baby, the less I tend to call our baby-to-be Peapod, our cute nickname for baby when it was wee little and barely noticeable in my tummy. I’m more likely to say “Baby” with a capital B now, in preparation for the real name. We are at 38 weeks and 2 days today, and we are ready for it’s imminent arrival.

We have selected 2 boy first names and one middle name; we have also selected one girl name with 2 possible middle names. When baby arrives, we will make our decision after seeing him or her! We are so close now that I hesitate to reveal the names, and also because I have a preference on the boy name 😉

This week, we thought we would be seeing Baby sooner rather than later. On Wednesday when I went in for my weekly appointment, we also got an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed fluid levels to be low. However they measure “fluid”, I was at a 7 when I should be at at least 10 (my co-worked, due the same day as me, said her’s have been above average at 17 recently, for a frame a reference).

This situation was serious enough to suggest that I stay home from work and rest until my next appointment which was scheduled two days later, for Friday morning. The doctor also made it sound like if fluid levels dropped more, we might be induced early.

However, on Friday we happily (and a little disappointedly, because we wanted to have Baby!) found my fluid levels up to 8.25. Apparently, fluid level can flucuate and drinking lots of water can help! So I am now going back to work, and on the same schedule as before unless my fluid levels dip below 5, which is to continue to wait until I hit 39 weeks and then schedule induction. (Between the diabetes, and the low fluid levels, at this point it is highly unlikely that they would allow me to continue to my due date or beyond) This means Baby will arrive close to Christmas, but before it.

On Tuesday I have another appointment which will include yet another ultrasound (don’t worry, Baby is too big at this point to tell boy or girl so Brian and I are still in the dark on Baby’s gender!) to check fluid levels and an NST. I am getting anxious now, especially because for a couple days we thought we’d be meeting Baby early! We have everything ready to go, and I have all gifts purchased (though some of them won’t arrive til next week) and most gifts wrapped. I am ready for both Christmas and the Baby any time now!

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Nursery and Baby Shower

This past weekend was my baby shower, and we go lots of great gifts. I feel almost prepared now! Just a couple more classes (like the Baby Care class this evening) and a few more items (like the baby monitor) and we will be set!

Here’s a few pictures of our Peapod’s nursery:

The baby shower was great; Brian’s mom did such a great job. It was catered by the same company that did our wedding food, so everything was excellent (I’m still eating the leftovers!). We had crescent sandwiches, vegetarian wraps, cheese and crackers, fruit, pasta salad, swedish meatballs and of course punch, cookies and a cake! I had a lot more people come than I expected. A good friend who I haven’t seen in over two years, Sasha, came to visit. Also some of my old Centerville friends and a lot of new friends! Most of Brian’s family came as well, and my aunt Carol and cousin Stacey.  Sadly my mom couldn’t make it, but she did give me a gift to make me cry in front of everyone (a bonnet made from a handkerchief when I was baptized). See some pictures from the baby shower.

Yesterday I had my first Non-Stress Test (NST) and an ultrasound. I am now going to the doctor once every week and getting a NST each week because of the gestational diabetes. Luckily I am managing just fine with diet and so I am type A1 diabetes and only need to go in once a week instead of twice! The diabetes is a pain, but I have only broken the diet a couple times. I haven’t gained any weight the past two weeks since my last appointment, but the doctor says that is good and okay that I have some fat stores that are probably being burned up.

The NST is the same type of monitor they will use when I deliver. It measures baby’s heart rate and contractions. I got to watch the graph change when baby moved — the heart rate would go up. I also had a mild contraction while I was there and baby’s heart rate goes up then too. It takes 20 minutes so that is kind of a pain, and I had to wait to get the monitor since they only had a couple. But otherwise it’s painless and relatively easy!

The ultrasound was great! Fluid around the baby is normal, and Peapod is head down! The tech was nice and told us again when to look away when she was looking at the pelvis area so we still have no idea what the baby is. Brian needs to get working on some baby name ideas!

In other news, recently I got a new china cabinet which I am displaying my grandma’s glassware in! I spent about 5 hours cleaning all the crystal and it just looks fantastic. Grandma would be happy to see her glasses all clean and shining in the beautiful china cabinet, I just wish she was still around to see it.

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Baby is no longer see through

My baby book says that this week, week 32 (I am 31 weeks and 4 days), my baby is no longer see through. I think Brian might’ve been a little disappointed 😉

We recently purchased a china cabinet; it was on our list of long term items we wanted, but with my grandma’s passing I have taken her glass dishes and silverware, and some other cut glass items. I really wanted to display these and even use them this Thanksgiving which we are having at our house with Brian’s family. China cabinets are expensive! But I think we got a great deal and it will nearly match our table and chairs we have right now. It gets delivered next week, in plenty of time to wash and put away the nice dishes for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I will have to be careful about what I eat 🙁 At least pumpkin pie is on the list of things I can eat! Even better if I don’t have the crust!

Life with gestational diabetes is okay. It’s not particularly fun, but I have managed to eat out a few times with no problems. I just have to be careful about what I eat and eliminate a lot of carbs. So no pasta when I eat out. The dietitian taught me carb counting in units of 15g each, and protein counting. At its fundamental, I need a lot more protein and less carbs.

I went back for a follow up on Friday to the dietitian who told me I was a doctor’s dream (because my blood sugar levels never went too far over or under). So when I visit the doctor today, hopefully they’ll say the same thing and I will not need to take medication. I’m excited to find out when I get my next ultrasound, which will hopefully be next time. We haven’t seen the baby for months! Though for sure I can feel it all the time. I also read in the book that the amniotic fluid has about reached its peak, and so there is less cushioning in there, I will feel the kicks more. The baby is very active in the mornings and evenings.

Brian and I looked at mattresses last night, so we’ll be purchasing that soon. The baby shower is the weekend of Nov. 7, so that is coming up very soon! I am so excited to get more baby things and start to really set up for Peapod’s arrival, which is only two short months away.

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