One Month Old

Jameson was one month old on Sunday. I can’t believe how quick the time has gone! We went to the doctor yesterday and he got one shot. I was surprised to know how big he has gotten–particularly his head. I knew he had grown in length, because we are starting to use the 0-3 month clothing because he is too long for some of his newborn sleep and plays. But I didn’t guess how big his head had gotten! It grew 1 inch in circumference since his 2 week appointment. He grew just 1/2 inch in length, he is now 20 1/4″ long. And his weight is now 7 lb 3 oz. (Although, we did have a poo at the doctors after the weigh in, so maybe it wasn’t quite that much! haha)

A lot of people are having babies! On facebook today I saw that a friend from college had a 7 lb 11 oz baby.It is hard to imagine that a) a newborn is bigger than my one month old and b) that Jameson at this size now could still be in my belly! Crazy. He is so awake now though that I can’t envision it.

He has recently started spitting up more– and a couple times it has been projectile-like, so the doctor has told us to watch and see if the projectile-like spit up is happening more and if he starts peeing less. Apparently, a fairly common problem with first born males is Pyloric Stenosis and it is a problem with the valve at the bottom of the stomach entering the small intestines. It begins to appear between 3 and 6 weeks, so Jameson is right in that time frame now. The problem requires real surgery to correct, so Brian and I are strongly hoping that he doesn’t have this problem. So far, the bad spit up has only happened a couple times and we hope it was related to what I ate, or the quantity that he is trying to eat.

Otherwise, he is petite, but healthy and gaining weight well! Today, cousin Stacey is coming to visit him and tomorrow we have some more friends stopping by. This past week, he met my friends Cassie and Teresa. Teresa is going to be a pediatrician in just a few months, so I took advantage of her and made her hold him for a couple hours 😉 Cassie brought over a cute pull along toy. Before I know it he’ll be walking and playing with it, I’m sure!

I have finally given myself permission to not take a photo every single day. However, that day hasn’t happened yet. But I have a photo now of every day since he was born up to one month, I think it’s time for a break before Jameson gets camera shy! I did manage to get him on a bookshelf, which, in addition to the naked photos, is the only other thing I wanted from a professional photographer. Success without the cost! They turned out really cute too.

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