6 weeks old!

Today Jameson is 6 weeks old! I usually don’t post the same day, because it takes a while to edit the photos, but today I decided to forgo the shower and got the photos done early instead, ha! Jameson posed in a guitar case this week, Brian’s dad’s idea. I am running out of ideas, not sure what we’ll do next week!

Just these past couple days I have noticed a change in Jameson! He is starting to smile a lot more and shows more enjoyment! I think maybe today he smiled at me, just me, when I was changing him. I got some great pictures of his smile just the other day. He had on his little booty rattles which his cousin Gabrielle and great-uncle Mike got him. I am not sure if that was what was making him smile or not, but I enjoyed it! He is also starting to reach at things a lot more. I can’t wait til he grasps some toys (instead of just the burp rag which hopefully is just reflex and not his new favorite thing haha).

To go with his smiles, he is also showing a lot more grouchiness, but hopefully that is just the cold. On Tuesday, he wanted to eat all day long. Yesterday he was a perfect angel, and our photo shoot today was okay but since then he has been making me pay for it by generally not sleeping and spitting out his pacifier a lot. We did have a nice 10 minutes that he played on the activity mat and didn’t need his pacifier to prevent crying! He enjoyed himself for a good stretch.


Last night Brian and I went out to dinner with Jameson for the first time. He was a perfect sleepy angel. We even got to have an appetizer and dessert. We went to Vito’s, which is always great Italian. Earlier this week we had a nice visit from Cathy and Dan. They are always really busy so we had them come over even with Jameson’s cold. Last night Jameson sounded better, so hopefully the worst of it is over.

I purchased some black and white baby flash cards for him to look at. We tried them out the other night and his eyes did follow them quite a bit, his head even moved to continue following it. But mostly he is still enjoying looking at the ceiling fan, speakers and picture frames and whatever else is in the living room. Upstairs he really loves looking at the swinging birds over the glider chair. He’ll stare at those for a long time without getting bored!

It looks like he’s actually sleeping now, maybe I will get a shower in today after all!

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