Visit from Grandma!

Last week Brian was away for work in Mexico City, so Grandma came up for a visit! Which was a good thing, since Jameson was extra grumpy last week. We spent most of the week speculating as to why he was so cranky but of course no one can ask a baby so we’ll never know. We figured it was a) gas; b) his cold that still lingers; c) lack of sleep from said cold; d) uncomfortable bassinet being elevated; e) need to poo… haha

In any case, Grandma didn’t get to experience a super happy Jameson, though we did have some better days than others. Jameson talked to her about life, I think we learned a lot haha.

She left Thursday afternoon after Jameson’s 7 week photo shoot and sure enough, Friday he was a very happy baby! His photo shoot this week was in a dresser drawer, idea courtesy of Brian’s dad again. I’m waiting for him to tell me what this week’s idea should be! Jameson is getting big, there’s only so long that I will be able to put him in cute little places!

Grandma brought up some pictures of me as a baby, and we came to the conclusion that Jameson doesn’t look anything like me! Though I suppose that could change as he gets older. I was a pretty fat baby! I am waiting from Jameson to balloon out too. She also brought up a video of me from 4-1/2 months old to about 4 years. It was interesting and funny! At 4-1/2 months I knew my name and was rolling over. It’s hard to imagine right now. Jameson is not yet 2 months and he certainly doesn’t know his name yet. He is finally enjoying the activity mat a lot more, though he still doesn’t like tummy time on it. At this very moment I am letting him nap on his stomach on the mat with me watching so he can get more used to being on his belly.

We had a nice dinner with Brian’s parents and sister on Tuesday night which was great. We didn’t really have to make dinner at all during the week! It was great to have company all day long, especially since I wouldn’t have gone out during the early part of the week because of the ice storm. Poor Sasha had a lot of trouble making her way through the snow to go to the bathroom! We’ve had snow on the ground for a long time now, all I can hope is that it will be gone before I have to go back to work.

On Friday Jameson and I visited work. I was out the longest I’ve ever been with him. I even prepared and fed him a bottle, the first time I had done so. I was worried he wouldn’t take it, but he didn’t seem to care! We went to Parasson’s, which is great because it’s family friendly and usually not busy (good for me, probably not so great for them haha). I went to lunch with two friends from work, and then headed back to the office to show him off! Since he had just had a bottle he was very content and slept the whole time. I had heard that the week prior, my other co-worker (who had her baby the same day as Jameson) brought Carson in and he was a little fussy, and with Jameson being cranky all week I wanted a nice easy going baby so made sure to feed him. It was great, everyone loved him! I was out on Friday for about 4 hours with a perfect angel, it was so nice.

Friday night, Brian’s parents came over and ordered pizza, so it was nice to have company again for almost all the nights that Brian was gone. He had a pretty awful day of traveling on Friday, with a canceled flight and then a delayed flight to a different airport. He finally got in around 2 am, which was actually good timing because Jameson had just finished eating and we were both up! We had a nice family greeting before crashing back to sleep. We spent this weekend lounging around and watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Netflix, which we’re enjoying a lot.

Brian said he didn’t notice much of a difference in Jameson except maybe that he smiles a lot more consistently now. Which is true; I can capture a lot more smiles on camera now! I think, especially after watching the video’s my mom brought up, that I was to get some video of Jameson this week.

So the other big things that happened this week is that I finally packed away his newborn 5-8 lb clothes which he hasn’t been wearing for about two weeks now, so it was overdue. It was a little sad… there was some outfits I really loved and they seemed so small 🙁 Also we are putting him in regular 1’s instead of newborn diapers now because they can capture all of his poo explosions since he still only goes once every other day. And we are also putting him in his crib! Saturday night, 2/5-2/6 was his very first night and he did okay. He is still recovering from a cold so the sleeping schedule was still smaller chunks of eating every 3 hours, sleeping about 2 hours at a time. Last night though he slept a nice 4 hours straight, which was fantastic! I actually do miss him in our room though, he seems so far away. He made some weird squeaks last night over the monitor that I had to go check on him. Which is totally normal things he was doing before I’m sure, but I can’t just peer over the side of his bassinet anymore. While Jameson seems to be getting so big, he has a friend now not too much younger than him!

JP and Lisa had their baby on 2/3, it was a baby boy who they named Jonathan Valentine (Valentine being a family name). He was born premature a little bit at 36 weeks, so after some help regulating breathing and feeding, he’ll be able to go home later this week sometime. Lisa had what sounds like a pretty hard labor (and I thought mine was bad, but that’s just because it went on for so long). She had to go off the epidural because it was slowing labor, which I can’t even imagine. She is much tougher than I would’ve been I’m sure! But happily she was able to deliver and is doing good, though I am sure they are shaken up by the traumatizing birth with baby being whisked away to help him. I am so excited to see them, because Jameson has a new friend and also because I am dying to see how big he looks compared to their little one, who was born 5 lb 9 oz!! Not too long ago Jameson was wee little like that, and I am curious as to how much he has really grown. Oh, and I am super pumped to buy a couple newborn outfits.

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