So Far, So Good

Today is Friday, so my third official day back at work. So far, so good. Jameson had some great days at daycare, the ladies love him (though I think they may say that off all the new babies!). He finally poo’d at daycare on Wednesday right before I picked him up (phew, glad I missed that). He’s been doing good the past couple nights staying up til 9.

Last night in particular was great! It was his first night of no feedings during the night. He woke up and made some noises around 4:30 and we popped his pacifier back in and he was good! Usually he cries outright for food in the middle of the night, so I thought maybe with the mild fussing we would be okay with a pacifier, because I really didn’t want to get up to feed him at 4:30, that would have put me way off sleeping, I would’ve just stayed awake after that.

I don’t expect we’ll have a change to sleeping through the night all the time now because he is nursing and they still digest quicker, but maybe we’ll see some more of these, that would be nice.

This week at work pumping has been okay — they have rooms for us, which is nice, though the first day I wasn’t on the schedule so I was jumping around to the other one across the building to do it. I have been feeding him at lunch, though today is the first day that I’m not going to do that since he’ll want to eat around 12:30 and I will be going out to lunch today. The whole thing is just kind of annoying, but not inconvenient yet because I haven’t had meetings. We’ll see how next week goes!

Also next week I have training at Baldwin-Wallace on Thursday and Friday. I am not looking forward to finding a place to pump at a college campus. I guess I’ll probably end up in the car, which is fine, but so far as I know we only get one long break so I may have to escape in between.

Jameson will be 3 months next week! I have all kinds of pictures to take. I have a cute outfit for St. Patrick’s Day that I may take pictures of him in this weekend so I can post it on St. Patty’s haha. Then he’ll wear it to daycare on Thursday. So cute! He is starting to get so much hair, I love it.

We’ll I am going to run now. I will be posting pictures this weekend of his first day at daycare in his cute outfit.

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