We’re Winners in my Mind

Well we didn’t win! Overall, I was pretty disappointed in the Baby’s Best Friend contest. They had a lot of technical difficulties with voting which eventually made them have to choose a winner alternatively, basically through the editorial team voting. We made the finalists, but didn’t win (I actually kind of felt one of the photos was taken really poorly, so I am surprised by that particular pick). Oh well! We’re still winners in my mind 🙂

I spent today learning more about Lightroom, so assuming I have time in the coming weeks, expect some higher quality photos from me with better skin tone. I spent a while reading about skin tone and downloading some free pre-sets to help my photo editing.

One thing I learned today was a feature of Lightroom 3 which is “Skin Softening” on the adjustment brushes of the Develop tab. I used it on our most recent creative photo today for April Fools! Jameson thought he would play an April Fools joke on Sasha. Luckily, we caught him before his plans went awry.

The alternative to this April Fools picture was putting him on a turkey plate 🙂 I didn’t think he’d lay still for that!

Today I got the supplies to make his Easter basket. I am hopefully going to photograph him in it this year. He won’t be getting any gifts cause he’s too young to appreciate them (we asked the Easter bunny to skip our house this year), but I’ll take some fun pictures of him anyway. I’m going to do the same project that mine and my siblings Easter baskets were made from! I had a hard time finding supplies, since they’re discontinuing the loopy chenille, so what I could find, I bought a few of (you know, for future children so they all can match. I’m obsessive)

Jameson’s is going to be mint green with white inner ears. I found a medium brown wicker basket which I think will work nice. If it doesn’t work out… well, I always have mine from when I was growing up! It’s yellow and will work for Easter photos!

The other day, Jameson started reaching out to grab Brian’s nose! I even got a few pictures of it, which hopefully I’ll have time to edit and post tomorrow. Have a nice weekend!

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