Wherein Brian Gets a Surprise During Bathtime

On Saturday, since I was spending the day with my friend Emma, Brian had Jameson all to himself most of the day. They did fun man-things… like go to the park and pick up flowers for mom.

So it was the first time dad did the bedtime routine by himself, as in alone. He’s done parts but I have always been home around somewhere. Not that he ever needs me to – you know – hand him Jameson’s towel during bathtime because it lay forgotten in the closet still or anything like that. (To be fair and honest, I do the same thing, and I have only done the bedtime routine by myself a few times also) …but this story is not about me, it’s about Brian 😉

Brian is an excellent dad. He has limitless patience for rocking to sleep and has a hard time letting Jameson cry in his crib. Sidebar: I have been known to sleep through Jameson crying with the monitor on loud next to my head. Brian loves bathtime, and I’m sure that as soon as Jameson starts playing with all those bath toys we have, it will be even more fun. Right now though Jameson still thinks of himself as a fun toy and splashes his feet around like a frog. Super cute.

Anyway, we have experienced many of those special events that all parents go through: we have been pee’d on, we have been spit up on ALL THE TIME. But we had never had the opportunity to experience the event known as Poo In The Tub. That’s right, Jameson is almost 5 months and we had been that lucky. Until Brian received the surprise by himself on Saturday night.

Not only that, but Jameson has started on solid foods (oatmeal, and last night, brown rice). So of course… it wasn’t the kind we have been used to seeing. I would’ve given anything to see Brian’s face. Alas, I can only make do with the description that Brian has relayed which I will refrain from repeating here. But apparently, before he realized he’d have to do all the clean up, dad was proud of his son. That’s another man-thing.

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