What I’m…

Today, I asked Brian to answer some questions to make a post that includes a little about him. Thanks Brian for being a trooper and responding today while you were at work. You win some hubby points.

What I’m…. Reading
Brian: The World is Flat and Designing Great Beers

Hilary: I don’t read much of anything anymore, there isn’t time! In my queue are the newest books by Jacqueline Carey, Kim Harrison, Juliet Marillier (some of my favorite fantasy authors). If I’m reading anything right now, it’s magazines like Better Homes and Gardens or Readers Digest.

Brian: No Reservations, Dexter, Archer.

Hilary: In Plain Sight, 16 & Pregnant and The Sanctuary all just started back up. I am also watching Extreme Couponing and Pregnant in Heels, all of which I watch without Brian haha. I also have a Netflix DVD that’s been sitting waiting for me to watch for a month, oops.

Both: We like to watch Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, Outsourced, The Office together, Family Guy, and Archer. That’s a lot of TV. We’ll be watching less when some of these shows end their season and it starts to get warm and sunny. Maybe.

Listening to
Hilary: Baby Lullabyes and whatever is on the radio to and from work. I haven’t discovered any new music in a long time. It would be great to start listening to something new again.

Brian: This changes frequently but the latest is: Wizard Smoke, Dax Riggs, Crowbar, Pink Floyd, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club.

Brian: Beer Forums, Lifehacker, Gizmodo.

Hilary: I follow all kinds of mom-blogs now including Babble, Early Mama, and Design Mom. Also, Young House Love is a favorite. When I’m not reading those blogs, I’m getting inspired on Pinterest, shopping on Amazon, getting updates on facebook, or researching some new baby or crafty thing (most recently, I spent a lot of time researching photo book sites).

Doing in my spare time
Hilary: Usually, I’m sleeping, or taking and editing photos. I spend a lot of time discovering new methods of processing in Lightroom and playing with photos.

Brian: Being a Dad, Brewing beer, Yard work.

Brian: To ride more this summer and build a shed ramp.

Hilary: I’m planning a digital scrapbook for Jameson first year (have a lot of the “elements”, just have to start putting it together so I’m not doing it all at once in December!); also, I’m planning a picture frame wall in the entryway or up the stairs and have been collecting frames for that purpose; and I am going to make an Easter basket for Jameson for next year. Oh, and I’m also thinking about doing some sewing too like a table runner or pants for Jameson.

Hilary: I am dreaming of what our basement will look like all finished and what our yard will look like a few years down the road with some new perennial flowers. But that’s all dreams, I haven’t done any real planning yet for those.

Brian: Don’t remember.

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