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Over the past two weeks, Jameson has discovered some new abilities. For about a week straight, he enjoyed making spitting noises (without the spit). I tried to get it on video camera, but it seems as quickly as it was a fun novelty for him, it became boring and old. Within a week, he stopped!

He’s also begun trying to stand on his feet more. He likes us to hold him up to help support him, but just like when he discovered sitting up, he seems to like to be in positions he can’t quite do by himself yet!

And last he has finally discovered his feet! I took some photos of him with my brand new camera a couple days ago, and they turned out great! I had some difficulties getting it hooked up to the computer first though, and Lightroom doesn’t read the RAW format very well yet (since the camera is brand new.. I feel like maybe they rushed a bit on the new profile?). It’s very contrasty, and I did three edits of these photos before I was satisfied. I may install the provided Nikon software since that should read their RAW format the best.

Without further ado, here’s a few from this mini photo shoot with the new Nikon D5100.

Click through on this last one, when you view the large size of this photo, Jameson’s eyes are crystal clear! A great shot from the new camera.

In just a couple short days, Jameson will be 5 months old. The time has definitely flown by, and he is currently sitting in my lap while I am on the laptop, getting a little antsy with sitting still and hanging on to his pacifier which he is slowly getting better at getting back into his own mouth.

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