Mom’s First Night Away

There are a lot of moms who talk about how they can’t sleep because they are worried or anxious about their baby. I don’t seem to be one of them. That’s not to say that I wasn’t, because when baby is brand new, sure, there was definitely some paranoid-check-baby-check-baby-again nights. But after Jameson started sleeping in his crib, after I got used to the monitor instead of having him right next to me… it became very easy for me to fall asleep, stay asleep, only get up when baby is crying, and go right back to sleep (though I should add a disclaimer that for the most part, Jameson is an excellent sleeper even though he doesn’t sleep through the night yet he only gets up to eat once usually).

That said, I have kind of surprised myself, because overall my friends can attest that I’ve always been somewhat of a worrywart. I attribute most of this to Brian, who has helped me overcome a lot of that time wasted (though he will tell you I still worry too much). Anyway, right now I think we mesh very well in our parenting styles for Jameson.

When I went on my first outing without Jameson almost a month to the day after he was born, I thought for sure that I’d worry about him. But turns out, either the trust I have in Brian or my new worry-less attitude (probably a little of both), I didn’t care at all, except when my milk said hello. That’s not to say I didn’t think about him (after all, I was at my friend’s baby shower, and you can’t help but think about babies at a baby shower), but I was unconcerned, enjoying myself without being anxious to return home.

Now, after my first overnight trip away from Jameson, I can say the same thing. And I surprised myself again, because it was easy. (Hopefully, that doesn’t make me a bad mom, haha) On Friday I visited some college friends of mine and stayed overnight. We hung out, ate Chinese food, had an ice cream pie for my belated birthday, and had some a lot of wine. I brought my pump, and even though I am not pumping surplus for Jameson and probably shouldn’t have wasted that milk, I let myself have some fun and dumped it in the morning. I even stayed until 11 o’clock the next day. And you know what? Brian and Jameson were both fine. Jameson had his bottle overnight, went back to sleep like a champ. Brian enjoyed spending the time with him and even sent me some pictures of their time together:

Me: Let me know how Jameson went to sleep 🙂

Brian: First i ate supper.

Brian: Then had a bath.

Brian: Then second dinner and to sleep like a champ!

The next morning, another surprise photo from Brian. It’s okay to not be needed sometimes! I had a great time and clearly Jameson did too:

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    1. There might have been a little relief on my part too when I get to go out for a bit… haha. Christina, I love reading your blog. I don’t know what it is about having a baby that makes me want to read and see other people’s babies but you’re like triple my baby dose 😉 they’re so cute. I can’t wait to see them at Jameson’s age.

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