I love the Baby Smell. The milk smell. I have heard that if you formula feed your baby, they don’t have that lovely sweet baby smell. Is that true? If so, then that may be one more reason I will attempt to continue to nurse/pump for Jameson.

I think Brian thinks I’m a little nuts, because I love it all, I even love the baby spit up smell. Yes.

Other things I love about Mr. Jameson right now:

  • He is starting to reach for us. When he sees dad after work his arms go out and he smiles with excitement.
  • He is always happy when he wakes up, even if he’s still tired.
  • He talks to himself in his crib sometimes, or at his mobile. It is a nice thing to wake up to over the monitor.
  • He likes to take his legs and pound them both down at the same time. Over and over in his bed or on the changing table. And he grabs his feet too.
  • His baby giggles! So funny since he sounds like he’s catching his breath.
  • His pucker face when he tries new foods like peaches or squash. Combining them with oatmeal or rice seemed to go over better than alone, haha.
  • He’s getting so big!

Things I don’t love about Mr. Jameson right now:

  • He’s pulling hair, earrings, necklaces. I know it’s not on purpose. My hair goes in a ponytail when I come home now.
  • His poo is less… attractive. If poo is ever attractive.
  • He never wants to rollover for me. Why is my son not a show off? lol
  • He seems to sit still for everyone but me. Sitting in mom’s bony lap must not be as comfortable, so I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.
  • He doesn’t sit up yet. Because I am seriously dying to take pictures of him outside in the grass.
  • He’s getting so big! That’s right, I love and don’t love it. Where is my small little 5lb newborn gone?

Speaking of love, how about these fabulous Garden of Love forever stamps? I purchased 100 of them. Yes, we did need stamps. And they’re for forever. Plus it’s only $1 to ship. I have finally joined Twitter and so far have made just a few tweets. But I’m stalking my favorites, like Young House Love who shared these lovely stamps the other day.

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    1. Thanks rose water. He is so loved 🙂 I am so glad you commented on this post from a few months ago. I read my own post again, it was so nice to talk a short walk down memory lane. He has changed so much since then, I love him!

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