Schedule Fail

I don’t know if everyone does this, but typically Brian and I communicate via email and Google calendar. Occasionally I have invited him to things so he can also put it on his work calendar, but usually we just stick with our personal calendars which we share with each other. If we just say something about an upcoming event… we typically (I typically) forget about it.

Which I why I depend on that calendar for everything, and get angry at Brian if he forgets something. This time I forgot.

Last night, we intended to go order some furniture. We need new couches for our living/family room (we have just one room, but I don’t think I’d call it a great room, because it’s not very big). Right now we have been using my parents old furniture, which were and are still in pretty great shape but I basically just can’t handle vacuuming Sasha’s dog hair off it anymore (it’s like corduroy style, which just begs for dog hair to get stuck in it, and remember Sasha is like the size of 3 medium dogs or 6 small dogs). Anyway, we went out over the weekend and finally found leather ones we pretty much settled on (this has been a several month process as we are looking for a specific set: leather, reclining, and a loveseat that also rocks or glides) and they went on sale yesterday at La-Z-Boy at 15% off and free shipping/delivery with their Memorial Sale.

Anyway, I forgot I already had plans with my friend Teresa. Oops! Luckily this schedule fail still ended up well, even though I didn’t get to give Brian the final okay. Hopefully he ordered the right ones. Hopefully. Teresa and I still hung out (and yes, she knows I forgot about her 🙁 ) and we went out to eat. Jameson was a perfect angel the whole time, and I ate pretty unhealthy again. But it was so good. I tried these new Macaroni and Cheese bites, which were pretty much fried mac ‘n cheese and had a tomato soup dipping sauce. I’ve got to remember the “breastfeeding diet” isn’t really going to save me from all the fat I’ve been eating…

So in about 2-3 months (that’s only 1/3 the gestation of a baby, which isn’t that long at all, I have to remember), we will have some new couches. I’m already thinking about new pillow covers.

By the way, do you see that free weekend there? That free weekend is for finishing thank you notes from Jameson’s baptism over a month ago. Another fail.

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