Date Night

Finding time to spend just the two of us is more difficult than ever with work and baby, but Monday movie night is helping us get that time together. It’s becoming a mini date night almost, after Jameson goes to bed.

It started a few weeks ago, Brian got a code for a free first night’s rental for Blockbuster Express (their version of Redbox… Redbox is in more locations and is generally more convenient, but who can pass up free?). And maybe it’s working for them, because they keep doing it! (Here’s a site that has a promo code for this week)

For us, we watch the movie Monday night and return it on Tuesday so we never pay. So far, we have been using it more than our Netflix via snail mail. Okay, we still do watch a lot of Netflix via streaming, but I had a Netflix DVD sitting on our console for about two months, no joke (for the record, it was Green Zone, and I ended up finishing it last week finally; it was pretty good).

Anyway, I have a standing list of movies, in the order that I’d like to see them, that I just kind of add to each week for Brian to choose from. So far, Brian has been avoiding my chick flicks. *sigh*

Love & Other Drugs
Life As We Know It
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
Dinner for Schmucks
Letters for Juliet
Chronicle of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Last Airbender
No Strings Attached
The Kings Speech

Some weeks, I am just too tired, and Brian gets a movie for himself to watch. But for the most part, this has become a nice new routine for us. I suppose when Blockbuster stops, we’ll go back to Netflix movies, but I like the dedicated night for movie watching.

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