Grass Face

For a while now I’ve been telling everyone that I can’t wait for Jameson to sit on his own so I can plop him in the grass and take lots of photos. I’ve been dying to take cute grass photos.

Well, we finally did put him in the grass even though he can’t sit on his own. The neighbors stopped by on Sunday and we had a classy impromptu photo shoot.

However, Jameson did not have the grinning, excited face I was hoping for… in fact, I think he was a little concerned about the grass… most of our pictures turned out with a concentrating face, concerned face, or crying. I deleted those last ones, haha.

Oh well. We’ll try again soon.

By the way, his onesie says “Peapod v 1.0 just out of beta”. We are nerds, after all. My friend Emma had it custom made for us when Jameson was born, and he finally fits in it. So cute!

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