Memorial Weekend

So far, we’ve had a lovely weekend. Brian took off work on Thursday and Friday, so we had an unheard of 5 day weekend. I guess you might call it a staycation. We spent Thursday seeing the Hangover Part II (which I enjoyed almost as much as the first, even with the same plot line) and then running a few errands but otherwise enjoying each other’s company.

Friday was spent more or less the same, relaxing at home and outside whenever we could. Jameson also spent a few hours at the new daycare where apparently he has decided he is the big kid and can pull off other babies socks. So cute! I wish I had seen it. Apparently he was cracking himself up while doing it and even the teacher commented on his funny catching-his-breath baby giggles.

Saturday after the farmers market we enjoyed a little family cookout for Brian’s birthday at his parents. And along with a few cute moments like this:

Jameson also discovered chewing on his toes! I was pretty excited, because the doctor informed us at his 4 month visit that not all babies play with their feet. But I think it is so adorable!

The dessert I made was also a hit. I’ll be sharing that soon too.

Sunday, I did some photo editing. I try to stay away, but I just can’t. It’s not work, it’s play! I love it. We also went over to the neighbor’s cookout. Jameson was great for a couple hours before he needed another nap. This little guy is sleeping all the time now, maybe a growth spurt? I do think he’s teething though too because he has two little bumps. (Even the daycare ladies agreed with me, so not a false alarm like last time, I think!).

Tomorrow we are having a few friends over ourselves, with JP and Lisa and their son Jonathan. She is currently on a special diet, and since we are both nursing, I found a recipe I clipped out of a Better Homes & Gardens a while ago for a non-alcoholic drink called June Bug. I even found some sorbet that is dairy free for Lisa. Hopefully it turns out good, it sounds very tasty.

I hate for this weekend to end, but I know I have an exciting week ahead at the new job.

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