and now, for your evening entertainment…

Brian and I typically eat dinner after Jameson goes to bed. Lately, he’s been having an earlier bed time, but last night was an exception because we had yet another financial adviser appointment. (This guys is really good and methodical, and I think we have a few more appointments to go before we’re done setting up all our plans.) Brian’s mom watched Jameson and we got back later than usual.

Cut to Brian and I sitting down for dinner around 9 pm last night, and Jameson is still wide awake and relatively happy in his crib. He’s allowed one small stuffed animal bear in his crib. It’s not large and we didn’t start putting it there until he was about 5 months old. I put it there because sometimes he’s not a fan of being rocked to sleep, and thought it might help soothe him.

Not last night. Our evening entertainment consisted of watching Jameson roll around in his crib on the video monitor (not full rolls, just half rolls to the side and back). He was rolling around with his bear in one hand and pacifier in the other “yelling” at his mobile or his little bear or pacifier, or maybe just to hear is own voice.

Seriously, we watched him for about 20 minutes at dinner, cracking up. No TV entertainment could possibly be better. [I’m being serious, this is the highlight of my life]

And speaking of rolling around, the past couple days we have been finding Jameson with his feet through the slats on the crib. I never put on the bumper that came with my crib set(mostly because it’s awful to change the sheets with it on. I mean, SIDS aside, no one ever tells you that traditional bumpers are a pain like that!). Anyway, I am thinking maybe now it might be helpful. Though, so far, we haven’t woken to a screaming baby that hit his head or anything.

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