On [Almost] Father’s Day

This week as a single mom was more difficult than I expected. There was very little time to do anything– the couple days I was able to have a free moment was only because Brian’s parents came over to help out. Chores would get done while they played with Mr. Jameson, and so when he went to bed, I actually had some time to myself. I tried not to whine much, because after all, this was not normal for me– but for some women it is. What I’ve found, appropriately in time for Brian’s first Father’s Day, is a new appreciation for all that my husband does for his family.

So on this first Father’s Day for my husband, I have written a letter to him. I’m sharing it today because I am proud of the father he is and want to share it with everyone.

Dear Mr. Brian Sir,

On your first father’s day, I want to thank you for everything that you do for us:

1) Even though I am up feeding Jameson in the middle of the night, you are (almost) always aware of it too and will shake me awake if I don’t hear him crying. Even if I’ve already gone in to feed him. (Likewise you will get up for pacifier duty) You’re such a softy for a crying baby 🙂

2) We are a great team. You make dinner every night while I put Jameson to bed. When Jameson stops nursing, we will trade for a while if you like, give you a little break. I can make a mean pasta.

3) You give Jameson airplane rides. I pretty much suck at that.

4) Why is it we always have to trade bath nights? Do neither of us really like giving baths and we just haven’t talked about it? I am betting that when Jameson is sitting up and playing with toys though this will be your favorite thing. I know because you REALLY wanted that frog pod bath toy holder on our registry.

5) Okay this is the first number I’ve had to think a little bit about.

6) Oh my gosh, how could I forget your champion nap in arms skills? (Okay, your mother is probably best, but I will give you second place) I am far too boney/pokey for that apparently.

7) You’re also a great dad to the puppy. No one else picks up her poo like you do. I don’t. Picking up poo the size of 5 mice is not my idea of a good time.

8) One of my very favorite things about you is that you never really want to sit still. There is always something to be done! (Fun or chores or both!) Never a dull moment. I expect you will be teaching that to Mr. Jameson, though it may be a few years. (When do they start hating to do chores? That is when I will need that skill I’m sure)

That’s all. It’s awkward to stop at number 8, but I’ve run out of clever things to thank you for. In all seriousness, you are a great dad and husband. Happy first Father’s Day.

And I’m really glad your home.

Your Favorite Lady, Mrs. Wifely

P.S. We will need to stop speaking with s’s and ly’s at the end of words to be cute, or Jameson will pick up on that and he’ll never talk right.

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