What I’m…

It’s been over a month since our first edition of “What I’m” currently doing. I thought it was about time to see what changes have occurred. Notably, TV has changed a bit since summer season is upon us. And Brian still doesn’t have any dreams (he thinks he making a ‘clever’ funny, but I didn’t laugh… much).

What I’m…. Reading
Brian: The World is Flat and Brewing Better Beer.

Hilary: I bought a new (Kindle) book yesterday called Good Enough Is the New Perfect: Finding Happiness and Success in Modern Motherhood. A college teacher of mine is featured in the book, so I am looking forward to reading about her. Not to mention, it received excellent reviews.

Brian: Trailer Park Boys, Bizarre Foods and Modern Marvels.

Hilary: Covert Affairs started back up again, and Sanctuary on SciFi. Also, there is a House Hunters International show I’ve been dying to record. I’ve been following Design Mom and her amazing house in France was featured. The show already aired, but the next showing is on July 8th! I have it marked on the calendar.

Both: We’ve been watching season 1 of Fringe like crazy! My parents bought us the DVD and it’s our new go-to evening show. But now True Blood is starting, so Fringe will take a backseat for a month or two for this vampire favorite.

Listening to
Hilary: Alright, I confess. I downloaded the 99 cent album from Amazon the day they had that killer deal on the Born this Way Lady Gaga album. I’m now obsessed.

Brian: I just throw a bit of stoner rock (Fu Manchu, Sleep, Om…etc) on Grooveshark and let the radio take over .

Brian: Beer Forums, Lifehacker, Gizmodo.

Hilary: I’m still following mom blogs and design blogs. Currently enjoying 7th House on the Left, and The Daily Doty for my dose of funnies in the morning. And I’m now on Twitter, so I’m spending some time there and enjoying watching the back and forth between some of my favorite bloggers. I also joined For the Love of Blogs and run into some new good reads daily.

Doing in my spare time
Hilary: Finally pulled off some video from our video camera! Playing in iMovie is pretty fun, though I’m still loving Lightroom and editing photos. Getting used to the color differences on the Mac has been difficult (perhaps a real monitor calibrator is in my future?). We’re also spending more time outside now that it’s nice out!

Brian: Being a Dad, Brewing beer, Yard work, building shelves.

Brian: To ride more this summer and build a shed ramp, installing a utility sink in the basement.

Hilary: On my dining room table are two fabrics (here’s the gorgeous print, the other side will be a solid), waiting to be sewn into a table runner. Also, Jameson’s Easter basket materials are still sitting under my craft table… yikes. And that scrapbook? Not even started. Guess you could say I do a lot of planning and not a lot of doing.

Hilary: I am dreaming in frames! Over the bed and up the stairs. Hopefully that dream will become reality soon!

Brian: Don’t remember.

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