First Fourth

Jameson had his first Fourth of July this past weekend! It’s hard to get back to real life after a four day weekend, so I thought I’d try to extend the feeling a bit longer and share our weekend fun.

First, Jameson had to get dressed up in two holiday outfits. Luckily, there were four days in which to subject him to some photo shoots. I bought a little flag for him to wave, but he only wanted to eat it and poke his eye with it, so that didn’t happen (Brian took it away from me, sigh..).

On Saturday we spent the early morning at the farmers market. We picked up some amazing blueberries and black raspberries, along with our traditional salad lettuce mix. I couldn’t believe the black raspberries, they were across a couple stalls, so they must have been the fruit in season and perfectly ripe.

At the farmers market we also picked up part of Saturday night’s dinner, Ohio City Pasta. This is fresh pasta, never frozen. Here’s what it looks like before cooking:

We had red pepper, lemon basil, and garlic onion flavors. They stay good for about 10 days, so after having garlic onion on Saturday, I am looking forward to the rest of the week filled with tasty pasta goodness. (And these pastas, they only need butter or olive oil. They have amazing flavor all by themselves).

That night Brian and I watched the fireworks from our front porch. So fun to be able to see them, albeit far away, since we had Jameson and can’t go out late like we used to. And how amazing to sit there on a warm night together to do that.

Sunday we stopped by Brian’s parents for a cookout and brought over Jameson’s exersaucer.

Brian’s mother has filled a room full of Jameson items: crib, changing table, toys, burp clothes… everything he needs. It was so much more convenient to come over, and Jameson even took a nap in the crib.

We added those black raspberries from the farmers market to a fruit salad which we brought over to the neighbors’ on Monday for another cookout. Jameson enjoyed his friend Lily‘s pool and her toys. One toy in the mouth apparently means two more toys just arms length away. He took a little dunk and cried for a bit, but it was okay again after a little while.

Little champ loves to be held and swung by his arms. Immediately after sitting up by himself, he’s now decided that standing up is even more fun. Always looking to do things that he can’t quite do himself yet.

Hello handsome! Say goodbye now (oh well, he doesn’t do the wave thing yet, so we’ll just have to settle for a smile) Hey, look at that smile! A smile, in the grass!? Hurrah!

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  1. Very sweet! I know what you mean about outfits that need to be photographed. Hard thing is… what if you don’t like the outfit? Do you just put it on him and take a picture and then… let him play in the dirt? I am so mean, I know.
    Glad you had a nice holiday!

    1. Thanks so much! As for babies and outfits you don’t like, well, babies usually take care of that themselves with spit up or poo, haha! šŸ˜‰ he went through quite a few outfits this weekend, some because it got so hot also we just had to change him anyway!!

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