Crossing off the to-do list

Last weekend was so nice out, Brian finally got to cross off something from his to-do list! (His personal one that is, not the one that I have for him… just kidding! sort of). Anyway, he’s been waiting since the shed was done last winter to put a ramp on it.

I don’t think I ever talked too much about the shed, but it was pretty much a long drawn out ordeal in which I demanded he finish before baby and it pretty much was impossible. It was finished about a month after the baby was born (with the help of some good friends!), in the snow.

The story quickly, in pictures:

So last weekend, he built a ramp that could hold a car. If a car was that narrow.

When the shed was built, he left an unfinished piece at the base of the door to hook the ramp up to.

All framed up! Note the side boards are in the ground. When all was done, about a foot of the side boards were in the ground for stability.

Oops. Need to get more wood!

And finishing touches.

Brian is really proud of how tightly the ramp came together with the shed.

All done! About 6-7 hours of work over the weekend. What this means for me is that stuff can finally go into the shed and stay there, like the tractor mower, and the old couches which we are still trying to find a place to take will go into the other garage annnnd I get to park in the garage again!

This weekend, we plan to plant a few more flowers, in hanging baskets around the porch. Also, we need to replace the rail basket. Oops. (Did you see how I captured live plants in the distance in this picture? that is so you don’t think I am a complete failure)

What are your weekend plans?

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  2. My husband has a little shed where he does everything in it and I just showed him these pics and he absolutely LOVES it and is so envious! Brian did a great job!

    It’s nice when you do get to cross off items on your to-do list!

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