Extra Fresh Baby Food (Fail)

Before I even start, I should mention that yesterday I successfully transferred a sleeping baby from stroller to crib. I tweeted that I had used up my awesomeness for the day. I really did; there was no more awesomeness to be found.

I decided to try my hand at making baby food. I got tired of waiting for nice fresh produce and decided to go frozen, which I have read that in some instances can have even more nutrients than fresh (depending on how long the fresh has been transported and held). We bought frozen carrots, peas, peaches and blueberries. I was particularly excited about the blueberries since I have not seen them by themselves with the baby food. (To be clear, we did end up going to the farmers market and there were fresh blueberries there, but we had already purchased them frozen, strike one)

So yesterday was peas and blueberries. I used my fancy dancy mixer and I was so excited I forgot to take any photos of the blueberries. Except here, at the end. Pureed blueberry! I know it looks like juice, but we’ll thicken it with cereal before we feed it to him.

I was so floored with my success, I quickly rinsed and readied the supplies for the peas and took some photos to share with you. Here’s my set up. Mixer with food strainer attachment, plus bowls.

Step 1, dump some peas in the top.

Step 2, turn it on and watch pea poop come out one end and pea soup come out the other.

Step 3, put pea poop back in the top to strain through one more time.

WAIT WAIT WAIT. Did anyone see I forgot a step? Please tell me that I am not the only one!

This is super basic– the mixer makes this whole baby-food-making super easy. It wasn’t difficult at all. And yet, somehow I again missed a vital step. Have you guessed it yet?

That’s right… I forgot to cook the peas. Mmmm tasty uncooked peas. I didn’t realize this though until after I was all done. Seriously. (At least, I try to console myself, I realized it before I tried to feed it to him)

This is what uncooked pureed peas look like.

It’s only $1, Brian tells me (his eyes were smirking at me). Only a dooooollar. But that defeats the purpose of making my own baby food. It’s supposed to be cheeeaper.

I immediately Google search: “Pureed uncooked peas for baby food”. But the results are all telling me the same thing. Not an answer, just instructions for before you start. Steam those peas before you puree them. But it’s too late! I wail.

For the blueberries, I was careful. I did my research. Blueberries can be pureed both fresh or stewed. Stewed is even more watery, fresh can be a little harder to stomach for babies with delicate systems. But I got cocky. If I can do blueberries, I can surely do peas.

So, here I am. Uncooked pureed peas in the freezer since it’s taking up space on my fancy perfect cube ice trays with the blueberries. I suppose I will be throwing it out and trying again. Or, since Jameson doesn’t really like peas, we can just pretend this never happened and forget about peas. Forever.

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  1. Stopping over from Tasty Tuesday, your post made me crack up! Reminds me of the time I tried to feed my then 5 month old peas for the first time. He cried like I had poisoned him! LOL Don’t give up on the homemade baby food thing though, it really is a fraction of the cost of the jarred. Have fun!

    1. LOL thanks 🙂 I did have fun making it til the very end when I realized my mistake… the mixer made it very easy, I don’t have any excuses not to try some more! we’re going to feed him the blueberries soon I hope.

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