I Confess

Last week I showed off near-sparkling photos of my house a year after we’ve lived in it. Well, I have a confession.

It doesn’t look that way normally.

For about a week, Brian and I went back and forth on getting the house picked up enough to do that blog post, and in the end, I shoved all our crap around and strategically photographed the rooms. (while Brian laughed at me in the background)

Here’s a sneak peak into what it really looks like:

Those are what I like to call “standing” messes for the most part. That means, they’re pretty much always there, with a little variation. Except the kitchen counter with the fruit on it. Normally there is not that amount of fruit on our counters, haha.

Those photos might even be picked up a little from the usual. I couldn’t even bear to share my bedroom.

There, I feel better now, getting that off my chest.

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