7 Things: Babies with Fur

The analogy has been many times before me, that having pets is often eerily similar to having children. Particularly if those pets are puppies. I may not have a puppy, but even our 8 year old dog is similar to our 7 month old son in many ways.

  1. Dogs may not mess on themselves, but they still need cleaned up after. Dog doo-doo is gathered, bagged, and sent to the trash, just like Mr. Jameson’s.
  2. Dogs need someone to care for them when you’re away. You can’t just up and leave your dog. Unfortunately, you can’t just up and leave a baby either.
  3. Have you noticed how similar the best baby toys are to dog toys? They’re rubber, they squeak, they’re fun to chew on!
  4. Believe it or not, I pick up after my dog’s toys more than I do my baby.
  5. Both Jameson and Sasha would eat grass if we let them.
  6. Jameson and Sasha will both stay put when told to, until there is something super fun to reach for, bark at, or eat.
  7. Dogs and babies both have razor-style claws.

Luckily, there are a few things that help us tell Jameson and Sasha apart.

  1. Sasha poops outside. Jameson poops in a diaper.
  2. Sasha poops are about 10 times the size of Jameson poops.
  3. Sasha pee kills the grass.
    Is anyone else concerned that the first 3 items on this list are related to bowel movements?
  4. Sasha knows what the word “No” is, and will go to sit in a corner until you tell her to get up.
  5. I can’t pick up Sasha and carry her on my hips. She is 140 pounds, Jameson is about 15.
  6. Sasha’s mouth is distinctly different that Jameson’s: It has fangs, it likes to lick things, and it smells gross.
  7. Jameson loves water! Sasha hates it. We have to sneak Sasha’s bath time items outside so she doesn’t know what she’s in for.

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  1. You know, when we got pregnant, we had several people tell us that the dogs would stop being our kids and just be dogs and we would maybe end up giving them away. I was anxious about it but things are going great and we still love our dogs very much and they are still a part of our life with the baby.
    I love your comparisons! So true!

    1. Giving them away!? Oh no. I can’t imagine giving Sasha away. She is part of the family just as much as Jameson. Glad to hear that you are having a good experience with your dogs as well!!

  2. I have a friend at work that doesn’t have children and for every story I tell about my children she tells one about her dog. I have a feeling we are both boring each other to tears, but I have to admit when you lay it out like that. In some ways, puppies are like babies. 🙂

    1. Too funny! I’m looking forward to seeing how things change as Jameson gets bigger and learns more! Right now, Sasha is clearly the smart one. haha

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