Nutritional and Developmental Tool or… Chew Toy!

For the past three weeks, we have been introducing the sippy cup to Jameson.

It is a testament to our utter failure that there aren’t even pictures of it. It turns out that sippy cups make good chew toys, and it’s even better when the face is covered in food.

Since there aren’t any photos of our sippy cup fiascos, here’s a token shot of Mr. Jameson, who is now a champion solid food eater. Feed me Seymour!

In addition to eating pretty well now, he also likes to spit food back out at me, grab at the spoons, and steal bowls when I’m not looking. Why was I ever even worried?!

Anyway, like most baby items, I did some research after-the-fact. Turns out that sippy cups with valves aren’t always the best first sippy cups to use. Oops.

Here’s what we ended up with:

  • The daycare is using the Nuk trainer sippy cup, which she says is working for him
  • We also thought the thinkBaby bottle-that-converts-to-a-sippy might be good for him, but we thought we’d wait and see how he did on:
  • The Tilty! This sippy has no handles, but hoping that’ll make cup transition easier later? And, since Jameson is so small, this is great because he doesn’t have to tilt his had back at all.

Last night he even drank milk out of it, maybe half an ounce, during dinner. I did snap a few photos, but at that point he was gnawing on the spout again. Turns out that everything (even the dog’s nose!!) is great for baby mouths.

P.S. This weekend is Jameson’s second baby sign language class, and I haven’t done any of his homework. Whoops. Can’t wait to share with you the details on that next week! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Holy cow! I LOVE that picture. Totally cracked me up.

    By the way, with both my kids by the time I had them successfully switched to a sippy cup they would actually drink from I had a cabinet filled with about two dozen different kinds that they wouldn’t drink from.

    Good luck finding your lucky cup.

  2. I have to say, I often see pictures of other people’s babies that I say “I have to remember that pose”. This is one of those. I’ve been dying to get an open mouth “feed me” style shot since he started eating food. I was disappointed when he seemed pretty ambivalent for a month!

    Hopefully he continues to like the Tilty… it’s leaky but it seems easier to drink from… I have 4 of the ones with the valve, oops.

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