Empty Lots

I’ve been having some meaningful thoughts recently, which I would like to write about soon. About my revelation about choices, and about the importance of being present. However, today, I am lacking good words.¬†Instead, I will leave you with this.

Last Sunday the message was about the weeds among the wheat at church. I don’t often touch on religion, but bear with me.

The weeds and wheat parable refers to the end of days, and what I got out of it is that we should not be passing judgement on other people, that is for God to do, because how are we to tell which are the weeds and which are the wheat? And I know there are probably lots of other messages in there but I don’t pretend to have a good handle on theology.

I had been eying the empty lots across the street from our house for a while. And I had a thought. Because from this relative unattractiveness:

Are these lovelies.

But then, these are one of my favorite flowers. I have always considered them flowers and not weeds. When I was growing up I called them Queenyun’s Lace (all slurred together, and yes, I really thought that was what it was called forever)

And now I’m sure I’ve taken the parable way out of context or relevance. But hopefully provoked some thought, or some enjoyment of pretty pictures (take a moment to zoom in on a couple… I processed them specifically to bring out their lovely petals. Enjoy). Happy Friday everyone!

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