Christmas in July

Yesterday I spent my time working on something else. It’s hard to find the time to do all the things I love, so no post yesterday. Read through to the end to see what I was doing!

I’ve been seeing everyone celebrating Christmas in July. So here are some of my favorite gift ideas, before July is over. Shocker, they’re not from Amazon, but from Etsy. I love Amazon, but there are (gasp) a few things you just can’t find there.

Without further ado…

1 ) Baby bandana bibs. Have you heard of these? I am in love. I purchased some yesterday from LilBoppers (see photo above) and I can’t wait to receive them. Jameson is drooling up a storm now, so I want a bib on him constantly, not just during meals, and these are adorable. Plus, these bibs are a steal compared to their retail counterpart.

2 ) Beer soap! Alright, I caught these Pale Ale soap bars on a gift ideas episode from HGTV. I got suckered in. I bought it for Brian for Christmas from krugsecologic. Brian says they lather really great (even though they don’t look it). He loved it, which is a good thing, because I actually bought 3.

3 ) Bike chain… stuff. Brian loves to mountain bike, so a couple years ago I bought him a bike chain ornament (you know, a filler). Sadly that shop doesn’t have anything for sale right now, but I did find this versatile alternative by BeachBMXDesigns, which serves as a bracelet or a keychain.

4 ) I’ve already talked about cheese-making kits before, so I had to find something else in the number four slot. I’ve always wanted an old school lantern, like this one from mygrandfathersattic. I don’t know why, I just like them. I honestly hate the smell of lanterns when you use the real oil and all to light them, but for decoration I am on board. I have no idea where I would put it, but I’m sure it would look good.

5 ) And for the ladies – you can’t forget about jewelry, right? This piece is one of my favorites, if you like gold. I do sometimes, but I have to be in the mood for it. I like it’s size; not too big or too small. I suppose now is where I have to put in the disclaimer, because this is mine. That’s right, yours truly opened an Etsy shop! And before you go saying that putting in my own item isn’t fair to the list, well, it’s my list 😉

And it really is one of my favorites. I used to have an Artfire shop but did you hear they’re closing down their free account? Their monthly prices are outrageous for someone like me who has only sold one piece. Check it out, if you have a moment. I’m exploring some digital products too. Without the time to dedicate, I’m sure this will slowly get moved to the back burner like I did on Artfire, but like this blog, it’s all about fun for me anyway.

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    1. I didn’t remember so I asked Brian and he said that it smelled like cardboard. hahaha. He said it really wasn’t much of a smell though.

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