The Best Age

I think that this age is the best age — I know a lot of people say that parents tend to think “every age is the best”, but I am not so certain. I think a lot of people think the whole first year is a pain, or the terrible 3’s, and certainly in my opinion the awfulness of teething makes many ages not the “best”.

But after three weeks of fussy generally unhappy Mr. Jameson… I am thankful that he is his usual extra happy self!

Turns out, my initial instinct was right, and it was all teething-related. We didn’t change his formula, as his teeth broke through the very day that I called the doctor for advice! Since then, we have been steadily getting a happier baby until the past two days, when I think he is the happiest, funnest baby he’s been in a long time. Oh, as a bonus, he’s decided that sleeping on his belly is very comfortable, and is sleeping through the night. Cue angels singing.

I’m trying not to countdown until the next teeth start to emerge and generally appreciate the wonderfulness that is Jameson at this very moment.

So just like last weekend, we plan to do lots of this:

And this:

And hopefully a lot of this:

In addition, we are hanging out with Jameson’s birthday-sharer, the son of my old co-worker. We are all having a cookout. Have I told you this story, dear readers? Long story short:

My friend and I found out we were pregnant on the same day.
We found out we had the same due date.
And we then proceeded to give birth on the same day.

One of these days, I will give a “long story long” version, because our pregnancies were very different. And just like our pregnancies, Jameson and Carson are very different. Jameson and Carson have never met, so I’m pretty pumped and yes, I’ll be ready with my camera.

P.S. Have you visited my Etsy store yet? I am looking for ideas of things that I could make, digital products in particular, for weddings and events. I’ve been combing the Etsy site for other ideas and I have a few thoughts, but I’m looking for something unique. Any light bulbs going off for you?

P.P.S. I re-discovered Pinterest the other day, and am addicted once again. I can’t wait until Jameson’s first birthday party. But I’m looking for more ideas for a winter party!

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  1. Seriously, he is an adorable kid. Glad he’s feeling better. It seems like our instincts are always right as mother’s, doesn’t it?

    I hope you do right the long version of the samesies story. That is totally eerie. I love stories like that.

    1. Aww thanks. I think so too, but I am biased. It’s lovely to hear it from other people as well 🙂 I’m glad I didn’t jump the gun and give him new formula (though I did jump and buy it for him, you know, just in case)

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