Reunion Fiesta

It’s only been two months since I left my old job but I already feel worlds apart. This weekend we had an opportunity to get together like we never really did while I was working there, and we got together and had a family cookout. Plus, Jameson and his new friends Carson and Cole finally got to meet. Carson and Jameson were both born on December 16, but are developing in completely different ways; I was fascinated with observing them and their differences.

For one, Carson is several pounds heavier than Jameson. Though not as big as I thought! Jameson, as I’ve said before, has been pretty ambivalent about food and eating, though he’s finally got the hang of solid foods. Carson loves to eat, and is already adept at chewing off little pieces of fruit. (We tried a sliver of cantaloupe while we were there on Jameson and after being in his mouth for a good 5 minutes he hacked it out)

Carson seemed to have a lot more hand-eye coordination than Jameson did, twisting a spoon in his hand and doing a lot more grasping instead of batting. Instead, Jameson was a lot more active with sitting and jumping on us (parents are apparently free Jumparoos) than Carson seemed to be.

I wonder if this is how parents of twins are, seeing dramatic differences between babies born the same day? And how much of that is personality and how much developmental?

Carson was fascinated with looking at himself in the table reflection, even bending over while standing to get a closer look. He and Jameson did not really interact too much, actually. Though they did have a staring contest or two.

Instead, Jameson was loving and playing with Cole, our lovely hostess friend’s son. Cole is about 1-1/2 years old, so serious whenever he saw my camera (which was pretty much constantly, of course)

Jameson and Cole rode around in Cole’s wagon for a bit and Jameson did really well. Last time he was in a wagon it wasn’t moving and he fussed — clearly a moving wagon is more fun than a non-moving wagon. And it probably helped that Cole was entertaining too.

We had dinner fajita style with 3 different meats and a wide variety of toppings. Megan outdid herself on the food, and even made homemade guacamole. (We’ll have to come by more often) Cole approved of the dessert, chocolate raspberry cupcakes made by Carson’s mom.

Evidence of a good party, baby style.

Hopefully we’ll all be able to get together again to watch them grow. And Jameson is just a year away from being a fun, active little boy like Cole. I can’t wait!

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