To Granny’s House We Go

This past weekend Jameson and I drove down to my parents house for a visit. Poor Jameson just can’t catch a break — after a week of cheerful, happy baby, Mr. Jameson caught another cold. However, there was a silver lining: because he had a fever to go with it and couldn’t attend daycare, I was able to leave earlier on Thursday than originally planned.

Brian didn’t come with us this time, and my dad was out of town so it was just me, Jameson, his grandma and Aunt Holly. A bunch of lovely ladies to fawn over the little dude!

We did some shopping and I managed to purchase a few items that make me feel pretty for the first time in a while; we went on a lot of walks outside and at the mall; and his grandma and Aunt Holly even got to babysit one night while I visited with old friends.

For the first time, Jameson managed to get one of the puffs into his mouth. It wasn’t a pincer grasp though, we are definitely not there yet, but we are practicing! Even a puff on the nose is progress.

Oh, and he’s a champion sippy cup drinker now, but not with the handle-less sippy cups that I purchased originally. This one is a cheapy plastic cup with no valve system. He’s chewing on it here, but he is pretty adept now at sipping and playing with it. Since we only have one though, it is washed daily.

Because he had a cold, he was Mr. Cranky Pants, so we spent quite bit of time outside and on my parents’ deck because that always cheers him up to be outdoors.

Their garden is always amazing, and this year I was impressed with the number of “volunteer” tomato plants and sunflowers popping up on the other side of the garden. I guess that’s what happens when you feed the birds regularly. Next year when Brian and I put together our raised garden beds, we will have to start feeding them.

We came home with zucchini, cucumber, sweet yellow peppers and hot red peppers almost a foot long. The best part? Late harvest strawberries which were gobbled up immediately. Jameson wanted to help pick a few himself.

P.S. The subject is a bit of a joke, because we keep asking what my mom would like to be called and she keeps saying she doesn’t care. We like to threaten her with a Granny title. Hi, Granny!

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  1. Glad you were able to buy yourself some pretty things. We neglect ourselves so often when we become mothers. At least I do.

    Also, Jameson is adorable, as usual!

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