Childhood Classics

My sister and I talked recently about some old childhood movie favorites. She is having trouble finding Rainy Day Adventures. I have no idea what this movie is, does this ring a bell for anyone?

For myself, I spent last Christmas searching high and low for the Holly and Ivy movie about a doll, and finally uncovered the name The Wish That Changed Christmas. It was a special my mom taped that we watched yearly (you know, on the VCR). I watched it on YouTube to satiate my nostalgia.

But I will never forget the time that I recommended a show to a co-worker to play for his children. It was another favorite of mine, called Watership Down (based on a book). And he came in the next morning telling me I had given his children nightmares and they had to turn it off.

Probably because of this:

And this:

And quite a few more bloody scenes.

Another of my favorite movies has less blood but is also a little disturbing is The Last Unicorn. I now own this movie today because it is an all time favorite.

I can think of a few Disney movies that are also dark, though maybe not quite as bad as this.

However, I think I am a believer in these dark and scary movies. I think of these kind of like germs: in small doses, they’re probably good for you… right? Or am I just planning on giving my own children nightmares now?

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  1. I LOVED The Last Unicorn. I tried to get my kids to watch it, but they got bored quickly. I guess our old cartoons just aren’t fancy and high def enough for them.

    1. Aww! It’s such a great movie too. I heard a long time ago they were doing a remake but I think that must have fizzled out. I hope Jameson appreciates it, but maybe I will have to wait for a girl!? haha

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