In Bloom

For the past couple weeks, my gladiola bulbs finally started blooming! Two weeks ago I shared the budded bulbs (and the discovery of the pumpkin plant in my flower bed) but since then they have exploded in an array of colors I had to share. Please forgive me, I couldn’t narrow the photos down, so here are all my favorites!

Along the side up to the porch and the back center flower garden I planted plumtart gladiolas, which are all a smaller bright purple flower. I’ve been clipping them for display inside; they are gorgeous and the perfect size for a tall skinny bud vase.

The rest of the gladiolas on the corners of the house are very large and in mixed colors, and they finally bloomed this past week in reds, deep purples, pink and multi.

This one¬† above is my favorite, I’m showing it off at and then, she {snapped}!

The pictures are so gorgeous, I almost felt like they could be a painting. I tried a couple textures out to see. I may have to get this printed on canvas, from the Groupon I purchased a couple months ago which I haven’t decided what to use on yet.

And the bokeh! Those lovely out of focus circle elements in the background. I can see why some photographers might dedicate their work to this style photography.

I have clipped one of these large stems for the house, and spent some time figuring out where to place it. I’ve settled on the entryway, because it needs to lean against a wall.

These blooms are completely worth the trouble of digging them up for winter storage. Sadly, I don’t think I will get to see the lilies, dahlias, or freesia bloom this year. The plants are big but without buds this season. We’ll have to wait for next year on those.

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    1. Thanks Jill! Sometimes it’s hard to do the vibrant colors because they seem fake, but I really love these flowers and they do seem that vibrant in person!

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