Low-Carb Cauliflower Pizza (the crust, not the topping)

Brian’s been on the Atkin’s diet now for just about a month. It’s made dinner times simpler, in that we typically are having a meat and grilled vegetable; but also more difficult, because there hasn’t been anything exciting to make in a while!

(For the record, you would think this would make me healthier, but somehow I always find a way– add in a pasta side, or go out to lunch… anything for those carbs for me!)

Last week however he discovered a recipe for Cauliflower Pizza. The cauliflower is in the crust! It was really easy and tasty, and very carb light.

First you need some cauliflower. Brian thought this was funny, to stab Mr. Cauliflower in the head.

Cut cauliflower is steamed and then grated to a crumble (watch your fingers)

Meanwhile, we were cooking up hot yellow peppers (for Brian) and onion, and heating up our stewed tomatoes and tomato paste (plus whatever else magic Brian put in it) for the sauce. You know jarred/canned sauce works just fine.

Grated cauliflower goes into a bowl with cheese and one egg (see the recipe for details– you know I’m not the cook ’round here)

Mix it all up and put on the Pam-ed pizza pan (in a circle if you want it to look like a pizza). Ours didn’t fill the pan, but that was okay.

Season and pop in the oven for a while. You want it baked before you pile toppings on it. Cauliflower is not the sturdiest of bases.

You’ll know when it’s done, the crust is lovely light brown around the edges.

Ah topping heaven. We had sauce, cheese, mushrooms and our grilled stuff, roasted red pepper, not forgetting peperoni and more cheese!

Pop it in the oven again, on broil this time, until cheese is melty.

All done! Time to eat. Are you hungry yet?

The pizza still came out a little floppy, so we ate it with a fork. It made not a bit of difference to me, it definitely still tasted like a pizza.

However, Brian suggested that next time we should split the batch into two smaller individual pizzas and flip it over midway through baking the crust. We loved the crunchy edges and making the pizza crust uniformly more crunchy plus making it a little sturdier would be perfect.

P.S. Did you enjoy the photos for this? I loved taking photos of it with the oven. I’ve never tried that before, I really felt like I couldn’t go wrong.

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  1. Hi, Hilary! I love what you did! I love your blog. I love you guys. I love your vegetable violence. I was going to ask for you to adopt me, but I see you already are dealing with someone who demands to watch his shows when he wants to. 😀 We’d have to throw down over who gets the noon time slot…


  2. This looks totally delicious, Hilary! I am going to try this and report back. We are bouncing back and forth on different diets lately too and it’s hard to find something for dinner that’s healthy and not the same boring meat and steamed veggies. Thanks for the idea!

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