Embrace the Camera

Last week, Jameson and I hung out outside for a little while before Brian came home, and I (of course) decided to take some photos. I got some great shots of Jameson, and then I had a crazy idea to try and take a self-portrait without the tripod.

The Nikon D5100 is a hefty thing, but I love the swivel screen. The screen comes all the way around so you can see yourself as you’re taking the photo; which meant that Jameson could see me smiling at him. What do you know, I got us both grinning and in focus by simply holding the camera above our heads!

Though I was a little unhappy with my appearance (it was after work you know), it really captured a cute moment of us. And it didn’t even require anyone else to take the photo!

Love this camera.

P.S. I’ve linked this post up with the anderson crew‘s Embrace the Camera link up. The idea of embrace the camera is to get out from behind the camera and get in the photo! I’ve noticed I stay behind a lot, trying to capture the moments instead of being a part of them. What a great idea!

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