8 Months

Yesterday we did our usual monthly photo shoot. However, it was anything but usual. Suddenly, I couldn’t get a smile out of him! I couldn’t distract him from the blocks! Even a spare block wasn’t enough to deter him from the tasty looking 8 MONTHS blocks.

The photo shoot was a shambles. I took 238 photos, and after my first mass deletion I still had 111. And none of them really spoke to me the way they have in the past, except for a couple where he wasn’t smiling and there were no blocks.

I suppose I am the one making up my own rules though, so these were my favorite of the non-block photos. And I suppose in their way they reflect the way he really is at 8 months — moving, looking, touching, tasting. He was fascinated with his overalls too.

I moved the blocks to the foot rest to try and get them out of his reach.

And then there was this magic that happened. Right after I thought maybe I’d gotten one clear shot of him smiling with the blocks (I hadn’t), he became so determined to get at the blocks that he did some magic move that landed him on his knees for a minute. Is this the beginning of crawling? No? Maybe swimming?

I have always called this child a little lazy. He doesn’t roll except in his crib where are there bars to push off of. But apparently when there is something he really wants, he will find a way to get after it. I will need to start watching him closer!

And then, I confess, I cheated a bit and photoshopped some blocks in. It came out okay.

But this is really what the photo shoot was all about.

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