Two Words or One Word? Roller. Coaster.

On our list now for the rest of summer are just a few must-do’s:

  • go canoeing/fake kayaking in those kayaks with huge openings so I don’t drown if I tip over
  • go on a little hike to where we got engaged
  • go ride some roller coasters
  • biking around Put-in-Bay? (yes, we just added to the list, but only because we hit one of the goals so quickly)

Have I mentioned here before how much I like roller coasters? I missed them terribly last year when I was pregnant and couldn’t ride. Maybe it’s like the things you can’t have, you want the most? We only go once a year (though last year I didn’t go at all). But it’s almost like I was salivating for those roller coasters.

We went spontaneously Wednesday, after finding out on Tuesday that Brian’s dad had (free) tickets that he wouldn’t be able to use.

Work was put aside, out of office notices put up, Jameson was packed up to daycare, and instructions for Brian’s mom left behind. Do you know this magical child didn’t wake up from being moved from one crib at grandma’s house to his regular crib at our house? He is certainly a champion sleeper now, only rarely needing help finding a pacifier and falling asleep by himself after playing with toys in his crib.

Anyway, we had a blast. We hit up every large, scary, take-your-breath away coaster. I really enjoyed the new “adult” swings (that go way in the air). They played the Harry Potter theme just for me on that ride, I swear.

We even committed to that extra wait to ride in the front for this ride, above. Totally worth it, dangly legs and all.

And I was finally smart about my shoes and attire. What is it about going out that makes me feel like I’m in high school again, feeling the need to dress up, slip on some heels trendy no-cushion flats, and dye my hair? (for the record, I’ve never dyed my hair)

Nope, I had what I like to call mom-sense Wednesday. Tank top, sandals with straps, and a non-washed pony tail for me. It was perfect.

I even took note of some not-too-shabby looking fanny packs. For the future, you know.

P.S. This weekend Brian and I are going on an overnight getaway–without Mr. Jameson. It will be our first time away together. But it should be a blast! This was our delayed anniversary gift to each other this year, so I’m pretty excited! What a great week it’s been.

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