Baby Food, Trial 2

You might recall the time I tried to make baby food, and realized at the very end it was not cooked. Oops.

As it turns out, I was lazy busy and didn’t try again until the other day. Brian and I did it together, making the whole batch of peas, green beans, peaches and carrots in about 45 minutes. (For the technique, visit my failed venture, since I got everything right except, you know, the beginning part where you cook it)

They turned out colorful and tasty! Just like real food.

However… so far, Jameson has been less than thrilled with the new texture flavor everything. The gagging and revolted face tell all.

I’m pretty sure he’s pissed at me. Also not sure, but the opening and closing of his hand, maybe that’s his first desperate sign for “all done, all done!”

In all seriousness, I am not really sure where to go to from here. The gagging dissolves into crying and that into screaming which results in no eating, which is also no good. So much for healthy!

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