Can I Buy Heart Potion There?

Real email conversation with my husband:

Hilary wrote: Hello sir Decided on a URL I want:

can you check? Nothing comes up when I type it but I suppose that doesn’t mean it’s available.

Brian wrote: It’s available. I don’t even know what those words mean…

Hilary wrote: It means something like “anything and everything”

Brian wrote: It sounds like the name of one of the shops in Zelda…

Hilary wrote: lol Brian. you know I’m a dork, you shouldn’t be surprised.

myr·i·ad [mir-ee-uhd]
1.a very great or indefinitely great number of persons or things.
2.ten thousand.
3.of an indefinitely great number; innumerable: the myriad stars of a summer night.
4.having innumerable phases, aspects, variations, etc.: the myriad mind of Shakespeare.
5.ten thousand.

sun·dry [suhn-dree]
1.various or diverse: sundry persons.

Brian wrote: is also available.

Hilary wrote: Not for selling… for the blog, later. 😛

You going to buy it?

Brian’s response was the purchase confirmation

(what, you think I’d share this fun conversation before actually purchasing it? I don’t want anyone stealing my awesome idea)

Last night when he got home he asked me if he could buy heart potions there

No, no you won’t be able to do that.

If you really follow me, you know that’s what my Etsy shop is called. Cause I already thought it was cool. But this is for the blog, not the half-arsed Etsy store.

Soon A year from now, I’ll change the blog name (again) and redesign it to make it pretty and THEN you’ll understand what it’s all about.

Until then, just know that you won’t be able to buy heart potions there.

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