Taking a Walk

On a good day, on a nice late summer evening if we get home from work early enough, we try to take Jameson on a walk so that he can get outside a little bit.

On a good day, he loves his walks, and it keeps him happy later in the evenings.

On a good day, we usually pass by a stunted tree, which Brian lovingly calls the “Hilary tree”

On a good day, we skirt around the bee hive, and the bees are floating lazily around.

On a good day, we come home and swing a little bit more outside.

On a good day, we come in and even play a little bit before dinner and bed.

On a good day, Jameson stays content until bed time, falling asleep quickly and easily.

Hopefully, today will be a good day.

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    1. recently, more bad than good, but we had a great weekend this weekend so hopefully we turned a corner. he’s a sleep monster. (monster when he needs sleep, monster when he’s thinks he’s not tired… haha)

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