Fajita Party

Brian and I have decided our go-to party theme is all about the fajitas. It was easy, fun, and everyone likes it because you can put whatever you want on them.

One of Brian’s old friends came up to visit from Florida, a perfect excuse for a party. Bonus, we finally got to meet their son Bobby, just turned 6 months old.

He was really mellow (lucky parents!). He loved just laying in the grass.

How could you not love that adorable face and big blue eyes?!

Okay, I should probably back up a bit to tell a better story. I was impatient! Rewind…

Friday night, we cleaned and I washed all of Jameson’s toys in preparation for the party. Brian uncovered some old toys he had collected in the basement so those needed cleaned too (back when we both used to work for a toy company, Brian decided to collect some for the future… he’s such a cutie great dad)

Saturday, Jameson decided to be a sleep monster. What do they say about best laid plans… he slept for a total of 45 minutes all day long. Luckily though he was a champ for the party. He had to go to bed earlier than the other boys but I couldn’t believe how good he was for having little to no sleep.

It was so fun to watch Jameson interact with the other babies like he must at daycare though I never get to see!

I think maybe he’s going to crawl soon? Maybe that’s why his sleep patterns are all funny. Look at this fabulous move, below.

He started doing that this past week, where he spins around in a circle while sitting, getting a leg under himself. AND, he went from the belly position to sitting on Sunday! Perhaps because I had him in the grass, he felt like he couldn’t plop his face down so he did the only other thing he knew.

And finally, a good teeth shot!

Do you like these shots? Dear readers, we finally broke out the new flash we bought for my camera before Jameson was born. I can now get crisp shots indoors without them looking flashed! Just point it at the ceiling and WA-LA! indirect light brightens the room. I love it, I can’t believe I never used it before.

Okay, I am not a pro at it though. This shot straight down flashed at the glass on the fireplace and made it look funny. Some editing made it salvageable, but I was disappointed.

Would you believe that Jameson is the oldest of the bunch? I was going to break out the plaid on him too, to match, but his is dirty. Jameson, Bobby and Jonathan.

Jonathan is becoming so smiley and happy, he’s a cutie too.

Can you believe he started out smaller than Jameson, like this? And now he’s bigger than Jameson!

Bobby was small too: Jonathan was 4 weeks early; Bobby was 3 weeks early; Jameson 1 week early. The boys are getting so big.

But finally, a girl has joined the band! Our friends Jason and Lisa had their baby girl Vivienne Saturday before last (not early). It was a surprise, but Jason said statistically speaking he knew it was going to be a girl, ha. Brian and I can’t wait to go meet her (leaving Jameson behind, you know he’s a daycare-germ-filled-snotty-baby now).

It was a great time with friends. Brian couldn’t remember the last time they had all been able to get together like that. Treasuring these last summer days!

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  1. You photos are always eye candy. So full of color!

    Also, any party with fajitas is my kind of party. Sour cream is essential to making a meal delicious.

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