Brewing Monsters

It started with this:

Just kidding. It started more like this:

I may have mentioned a time or two that Brian brews beer. He’s pretty good, if I can say that. I might be biased. Neighbors and neighbor-friends joined us Monday night to brew a new batch.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have a good grasp on all that goes into this process. There are some hops, and some grains, and more hops and grains, in different amounts and different varieties at different times and temperatures.

A lot of math and science, actually.

Recently, Brian has been coming up with his own recipes. The one we brewed on Tuesday is called Mids Monster Imperial IPA.

The process takes a couple hours. This fun part of adding ingredients only lasts a couple minutes. A lot of steeping, stirring, and waiting.

And then we do it again.

Above, Brian is preparing to send the beer to colder temperatures very quickly using the coil.

Into the first fermenting jug.

I don’t remember taking the photo below. Did I mention? While we were brewing beer, I was drinking a bottle of wine. Not sure why that happened… hm.

We have a good product. Periodically now Brian will test the beer as it ferments. We have a whole lot more waiting to do.

P.S. Brian has discussed growing his own hops, and even buying whole grains that would need to be cooked first instead of extracts. I may or may not be using the correct terminology. This moderately expensive hobby of his is making a professional monitor color adjuster looking easier and easier for me to obtain.

and then, she {snapped}

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  1. Boys and their fun! I had a friend whose husband was into the brewing of beer. I am not a fan of homemade brew, not even at those restaurants that have it. Guess I am a processed kind of beer drinker, lol. But, based on the pictures, he has a BALL doing this and I love that you participated with your wine. Ha.

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