Early Happy (& Horrified) 9 Months

So… this post was going to be tomorrow, and wasn’t going to start out this way, but I appalled myself a little bit with this session, so I have to share early.

Until now, we have been doing these monthly photos on the day, exactly, the 16th. However, tonight I’m driving Jameson and myself to my parents, so I had to do it early. Yesterday seemed like a better day than today because today is going to be super rushed when I get home from work.

Yesterday we took photos. Oh my goodness, I am not sure if we will be able to keep doing the blocks!

Mostly because Jameson is trying to DIVE off the chair.

Oh wait guys. He actually did dive off the chair. And that was the end of the photo session.

I feel really bad. Brian went off for a minute (literally) and I was messing with my camera and getting the blocks set up (again) and there he went! I did that to Jameson with a block in my hand. I suppose I should be grateful I caught him, or that I didn’t stab his eyeball, but mostly I just feel bad.

He looks like the dog got him. I feel like I mutilated him (but I didn’t, so call off protective services, seriously)

Anyway. We got a few shots before that point that are salvageable. I had a hard time picking the one that should go into the series but I think we need a vertical one, so here’s what I chose.

But my personal favorite is this one. I swear he has a mischievous look in his eye…

These photos, until I scarred him myself for life, were fun to take even with him acting crazy, because I had my flash on. Not messing around anymore! This mobile child needs a flash in order to get anything in focus. And I’m still loving it.

This week he has started to get himself on his knees with no hand support on the floor, using me in particular.

He also crawled himself into a wall because he was so excited about the curtains in his room, he didn’t realize there was a wall behind them. But then he used the wall to get on his knees also. He giggles when he is running away from me when he knows its time for bed.

He’s not quite pulling up yet, definitely not standing, but it’s the shape of things to come. I can’t wait!

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  1. Oh no! Poor little guy! (And poor mama!) They are so quick like that, aren’t they? Both of mine have done the same thing, don’t even worry about it. I swear kids are made of rubber. 🙂 Cute shots!

    1. Aww thanks. He is super quick when he wants to be! He doesn’t seem worse for wear, but I felt awful because he had shots yesterday too, is coming down with a cold, and is growing two top teeth! poor thing 🙁

  2. oh my gosh I loev the baby cube idea! It’s so cute! We take the 9 months pictures in the rocking chair too and our 7 months pictures Peanut was trying to climb out already. I’m terrified about the diving – that’s why my husband stands JUST out of the frame with his arms stretched out, ready to catch.

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