Weekend Get-Away (from Dad)

This past weekend, Brian went on his yearly man trip with his two friends in Florida, while I went to my parents’ house with Jameson. It was great timing even though we had just seen them a couple weeks ago, because we also got to see my brother, Jameson’s Uncle Tyler (Uncle Ty has such a nice ring to it).

Tyler was only home for about two days before heading back to college for his final two quarters. He has interned at Disney twice and is going to be an engineer. (Yes, we are all kind of hoping he gets a job at Disney, that would be awesome, but no guarantees)

Jameson hadn’t really seen Uncle Ty in quite some time, so we had a mini photo shoot. Of course.

I love Jameson’s expression in the one above. That is one quirky look!

Oh, and… we just had to do the Lion King pose.

The weekend went by really fast, and we stayed busy even though we didn’t go anywhere else this time. We went on a couple family walks: Jameson and myself, plus my parents and both the dogs, and Tyler. I think we were quite a sight. Jameson was teething again, so he I really enjoyed these walks. I think they may have broken through, two top teeth. We’ll be able to tell soon, I know.

In the mornings it was a little brisk. Luckily, I remembered a jacket.

Jameson was partial to the kitchen floor. It is easier to crawl glide on. Plus, a lot of great new furniture to explore this time.

He is also really getting up on his knees a lot now. In particular, he was really motivated to get to the dogs.


There are a few more videos up, of him crawling and Tyler attempting to feed him, here.

All of these things were truly wonderful, and home cooked meals every night were lovely. Thanks Mom!

I can’t believe how much he’s grown in just the past couple weeks. He’s now crawling to me when I pick him up from daycare, he’s happier now that he can move around, he’s actually exploring the world around him. He’s definitely a little boy (if I can be stereotypical for a moment). He loves getting “tossed” in the air, going upside down, watching the lawn mower, being outside. He’s going to be a (fun) handful, I can tell.

Wish I knew what color his eyes are going to be though!

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