Newest Addition to the Band

Today I’m really excited to share with you some photos of the newest addition to Jameson’s band.

(I say Jameson’s band, but we’ll see. Only time will tell!)

Vivienne was born about 5 weeks ago and we finally were able to meet her on Tuesday night. Jameson didn’t get to, but he’ll be able to this weekend for the first annual street chili cookout. The party will cross two houses, and for a last minute get together, we sure are getting a great turn out!

But enough about us. This is about this adorable lovely lady born to Jason and Lisa. She is the first baby girl amongst most everyone I know who have had babies in the past year! I think someone said she had drummer hands, but I don’t see it. These definitely look like delicate baby fingers…

See what I mean? Adorable. I might have teared up a little bit. Just a little. She’s around 8 pounds, so Jameson would’ve been much smaller at her age, but time and perspective do funny things! Vivi seemed incredibly small to me. Even Brian seemed to forget how to move a baby that small.

I’d love to show your her equally adorable parents, but Lisa told me she wasn’t dressed for photos. I took some anyway, but I’ll refrain from sharing. Oh, but here’s a few of baby Vivienne comfortable on her mother.

I’d like to say she was as angelic as her photos but she was occasionally a little fussy, as newborns often are. She was hungry a lot, so I am thinking growth spurt! or tired! or one of the many other speculations you have about newborns.

Scratch that, speculating continues on well past newborn phase.

Jameson is having some crummy nights recently. Brian is convinced he is hungry, and I am anti-middle-of-the-night bottle. 3 am is not the time to argue about such things though. I think it’s teething, ear pain, or gas pain. Something is causing him to not fall back asleep even with a pacifier in.

Last night was better than the night prior, mostly because we didn’t mess around for hours waiting to see if he’d finally fall back asleep. Within one hour we were in response mode. I tried Advil first, but you know half of it didn’t go in his mouth, it squirted right into the chair or dresser (I’ll find out later feeling around for sticky messes). Not knowing if he got much but not willing to do another full dose, we switched to Tylenol (Triaminic, same diff) and got that all in.

But wait, there’s more! We did the bottle but once he went back into his crib he was crying again, so I rocked him back to sleep. Moms to the rescue!

Now having done all that, there’s no telling exactly what is causing this. I think I’m nixing the bottle tonight though. This is the part where I laugh and say there’s no such thing as sleeping through the night. One minute they’re doing it, the next there’s something causing them to wake up in the middle of the night again.

I did have a bizarre dream though that this was a milestone issue (because sleep habits can also be upset when approaching a milestone, or so I’ve read). Anyway, I dreamt that Jameson suddenly started talking. In full sentences.

Lead singer in the making? Maybe.

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