Chili Cookoff

Saturday we had some friends over pretty last minute (this was all planned out the week of). Surprisingly, we had a nice turn out, some great food, and good times for our First Annual Court Chili Cookoff. Capital letters, italics and all.

Jameson got to meet little Vivienne, who Brian and I just met last week. Vivienne wasn’t super fun to watch, apparently. Don’t worry Jameson, she’ll be awesome and active just like you sooner than you might think!

Check out Jameson’s crazy hair! He always looks like he has a bed head now, hehe.

Little Jonathan, not so little anymore, is getting mobile too. He and Jameson really seemed to interact a lot more this visit.

The boys played nicely in the kitchen (only a few diversions needed from the dog dish) while we had chili.

At our house, we had 3 different kinds of chili. The weather didn’t cooperate, so only the boys shuffled back and forth to the neighbor’s house while us ladies and babies stayed in. Next door, there were two chilis to judge.

The winner, I’m so proud to say, was Mr. Brian’s.

I confess, I tried to get Brian to share his recipe with me, but he tells me it’s his own secret recipe. I can say that it was the healthiest of the bunch with only real peppers and ground turkey.

Neighbor Curtis’s was pretty good too, a sweeter chili (but still with heat). Kyle’s was obscenely hot. But all the chilis were really unique, and we had a lot of fun.

P.S. Last night, I processed all these photos, naming them Chilli. That’s with two L’s. I didn’t even bother to check… so here I am, with 100+ photos named wrong and already uploaded. I’m too lazy to update them. So please, if you are combing through my flickr photos like a stalker admirer, ignore the misspelling.

P.S.S. Apparently, Jameson is pulling up in his crib at daycare now. Here we go!

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