7 Things: Babies with Fur; 9 Month Edition

Jameson changes so quickly these days! Here are a few ways that my 9 month old son (almost 10) is similar to my 9 year old pup:

  1. Dogs and babies both like to carry things around in their mouths
  2. Both Jameson and Sasha get around on all fours
  3. Each can express their feelings in a very vocal manner.
  4. Sasha and Jameson both make involuntary hilarious faces.
  5. Dogs and babies now both have sharp fangs for goring you nipping at you eating with
  6. Slobbering is a favorite past time for both Jameson and Sasha
  7. Neither Sasha nor Jameson are huge fans of clothes.

Of course, some things stayed the same. They both still love eating grass, and I’m picking up after toys for both of them. And they both have razor claws nails.

However, we do have a few ways to tell them apart:

  1. Sasha is an indoor dog, Jameson is an outdoor baby.
  2. Jameson is casual about his eating, often spitting out tasty bits for the thrill of, well, spitting. Sasha scarfs her dinner down.
  3. Sasha has an extra appendage, called a tail.
  4. Dogs demand petting and love from us. Jameson demands independence and exploration and wriggles out of our arms.
  5. Baby hair may be wild and crazy, but it stays attached to their head (after the newborn phase).
  6. Jameson can stand on two legs.
  7. Sasha slurps, Jameson sucks (on a bottle, get it?)

Sasha is at times still unsure about Jameson. She’s never sure what he’s going to do next. But she always checks on him before bed, and loves to lick his toes. They’re going to be quite the pair.

P.S. See my first edition of Jameson at 7 months compared to Sasha.

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