Pumpkin Patch Kids

This past week has been unseasonably warm, so we spent a lot of time outside last weekend. On Saturday, Brian and I went on a hike to Buttermilk Falls where we got engaged just over 3 years ago.

The falls were prettier this time around; there was more water. Also… I dressed nicer, and take better photos than when we were engaged. It was nice to come back there for the first time since then. The hike is always fun because it is not a true trimmed up trail–there are trees fallen across the path and you have to jump across a section of water in one place. So it’s a little adventure!

Meanwhile, Aunt Melissa baby sat Jameson (who slept away most of the afternoon and consequently was the easiest, more boring babysitting job ever).

He now has five teeth, going on six, and is occasionally cranky from teething, so we were happy he was such a treat for his grandma and Aunt Melissa.

Sunday, we went to Patterson Fruit Farm with his friend Jonathan and parents JP and Lisa.

Jameson was hard to take photos of because of all the activity around, but I did catch a couple good ones in my staged shots with the hay bales.

I must have a good eye for good photo shoot locations. A few people lined up behind me saying they were going to take pictures in the same spot!

Oh, and look at this ADORABLE baby. This is Jonathan, dressed up for the occasion. I love this outfit!

The farm was really busy. I think most everyone else had the same idea because of the nice weather… plus, pumpkins are actually expensive here (we didn’t purchase any), so I think that next year we’ll find a smaller, maybe more traditional pumpkin patch. Maybe one where we actually get to pick them.

Jameson loved the pumpkins; he was impossible to get looking at the camera, which is usually one of his favorite things.

Finally, I got a good shot in the “pumpkin patch”. Too bad the lighting was too poor to salvage in color. I went brown, but it’s still a great photo.

Patterson is really well known for their apples and apple fritters, so we bought both. My favorite apples are Jonagold, which are hard to find in the grocery store, so we bought a small bag of those. Last year I made some applesauce from the apples I purchased here, but I’m lazier busier now.

We ate one of our apple fritters each, fed the babies, and walked a little around the paths outside Patterson.

Then it was off to Holden Arboretum, which was also crowded in certain areas because of an event they were running for kids.

We played a bit, then meandered off onto less traveled trails. We may have gone in front of some kids to get this shot above…

Last time we were at Holden Arboretum, I was pregnant, and we talked about coming in the fall when the leaves were changing. I got my wish just over a year later, and it really was as pretty as I thought it would be.

I heard from Lisa that this coming weekend will be the best for observing the changing leaves, so hopefully it will be nice enough to spend some more time outside this weekend.

P.S. Jameson was forced to kept his shoes on the whole time, thanks to tight velcro.

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and didn’t realize you were in my neck of the woods until this post – we went to Patterson Fruit Farm last week! It was my first time there and my kids (ages 5 and 3) really liked it. We went during the week so it was busy with some school field trips but probably not as bad as it was over the beautiful weekend. On Sunday we went to Mapleside Farms in Brunswick which was just madness! They do have a cute pumpkin patch where you can pick your own though if that is not too far from you 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog – Jameson is such a cutie!

    1. Thanks so much Crystal! We are about 45 minutes from Brunswick, which is not unreasonable. Thanks for the tip, we will have to check out Mapleside Farms next year. We ended up going to Petitis and bought some ginormous $3 pumpkins, I hope that we find the time to carve them.

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