2 Months and Counting

Jameson turned 10 months old yesterday, and I think that he has discovered his depth perception because he didn’t try to dive off the chair this time.

It also helped that we discovered a super awesome new distraction.

First, we tried some stuffed animals.

Then, we he tried his shoes for distraction.

Last, we found this magic, a spinning top that his great-great Aunt Dee gave him.

Jameson spent quite a bit of time staring at it as it spun around. Then I finally captured him looking at me, blocks askew and one shoe off:

He was a good sport, considering he has a cold. Also, he has had a dramatic couple days. I usually edit out injuries, but I left this one, did you notice?

On Friday, I was upstairs, and I heard Brian yell at Jameson and then a big wail. I came downstairs to see Jameson crying and Sasha getting yelled at. Yes, she had nipped at him because he climbed her food dish while she was eating.

All things considered, no skin was broken, so Sasha must have really held back. It actually just proved to me how gentle she really is around him because she could’ve taken off a finger or worse. She’s a good girl, and we’ll just have to watch Jameson closer during feeding times. I’d like to say he learned a lesson, but somehow I doubt it.

And I had to giggle at him a little, because he hung his head on my shoulder and wimpered for some time. It was worse than getting shots for him, he had quite a fright. But they shortly after made up, and he still loves his big sister!

P.S. Do you realize, 10 months is just 2 short months away from 12… where is the time going?!

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