The Sweetest Sound

Now that Jameson is mobile and comfortable being mobile (not afraid to zoom wherever he pleases), the door stopper might be my favorite sound of all. You see, when he’s hitting the door stopper, I both know what he’s doing and where he is without being in sight!

It’s amazing!

Unfortunately, nothing holds his attention for long enough for me to do much of anything, ha!

I’m starting to feel like the choices I make now are really going to start shaping him. I mean, he can probably understand me now. So, I should completely stop swearing.

I’m also wondering if I’m too lax? Is it too early to start thinking about that?

In addition to door stoppers, I let Jameson play with our coasters. They’re coasters, and if he will stay occupied banging them on the end tables for 15 minutes and be super happy about it, that should be okay, right?

I don’t worry if he thinks the sippy cup is a play thing, or if he chews on his own socks (which are probably dirty even though he doesn’t walk yet).

I wonder if part of the reason I’m relaxed like that is because I’m away from him most of the week. I want to have fun, not stress, when we’re together.

But then I think, maybe I’m leaving too much to daycare. Maybe I should be telling him that he shouldn’t chew on his socks or play on the bottom step (which still doesn’t have a baby gate on it).

I am over-thinking this right now.

And all of you with older kids are thinking, these are silly things to worry about. And you’re right, and I don’t worry about them too much. Just on occasions where we are interacting with other children, and it becomes clear that we have different parenting styles.

It’s a social thing.

But when it’s just us and the friends and family we’re most comfortable with, I know I’m doing it right, for us.

and then, she {snapped}

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  1. I’ve been there…when they are so young it’s easy to over think because everything is new and they want to question, touch, eat EVERYTHING…over times it will ease up, but if you’ve never done this before how would you know…ya know?!

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